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An Innovative Arteriovenous (AV) Loop Breast Cancer Model Tailored for Cancer Research (2022) An R, Strissel P, Al-Abboodi M, Robering JW, Reakasame S, Eckstein M, Peddi A, et al. Journal article Specific features of ex-obese patients significantly influence the functional cell properties of adipose-derived stromal cells (2022) Schmitz D, Robering JW, Weisbach VG, Arkudas A, Ludolph I, Horch RE, Boos A, Kengelbach-Weigand A Journal article Personalized medicine for reconstruction of critical-size bone defects – a translational approach with customizable vascularized bone tissue (2021) Kengelbach-Weigand A, Thielen C, Bäuerle T, Götzl R, Gerber T, Körner C, Beier J, et al. Journal article The role of plastic reconstructive surgery in surgical therapy of soft tissue sarcomas (2020) Götzl R, Sterzinger S, Arkudas A, Boos A, Semrau S, Vassos N, Grützmann R, et al. Journal article Tissue Engineering of Lymphatic Vasculature in the Arteriovenous Loop Model of the Rat (2020) Robering JW, Al-Abboodi M, Titzmann A, Horn I, Beier J, Horch RE, Kengelbach-Weigand A, Boos A Journal article Bildgebende Diagnostik zur Therapieplanung bei Lip- und Lymphödem (2020) Zetzmann K, Ludolph I, Horch RE, Boos A Journal article Etablierung und Evaluation einer multinationalen Wissenschaftsakademie: Ein neues Modell zur Stärkung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in der mikrochirurgischen Forschung – Ein Konsensus Papier der DAM (2020) Horch RE, Kengelbach-Weigand A, Pierer G, Kneser U, Schaefer D, Boos A, Arkudas A, Schmidt VJ Journal article Plastisch-chirurgische Rekonstruktionsverfahren des Ulcus Cruris (2020) Boos A, Hillenbrand M, Beier J, Arkudas A, Meyer A, Lang W, Horch RE Journal article Human adipose-derived stem cells support lymphangiogenesis in vitro by secretion of lymphangiogenic factors (2020) Ahmadzadeh N, Robering JW, Kengelbach-Weigand A, Al-Abboodi M, Beier J, Horch RE, Boos A Journal article Plasticity of patient-matched normal mammary epithelial cells is dependent on autologous adipose-derived stem cells (2019) Kengelbach-Weigand A, Tasbihi K, Strissel P, Schmid R, Marques JM, Beier J, Beckmann M, et al. Journal article