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Deformable Respiratory Motion Correction for Hepatic Rotational Angiography (2018) Klugmann A, Bier B, Müller K, Maier A, Unberath M Journal article Scatter correction using a primary modulator on a clinical angiography C-arm CT system (2017) Bier B, Berger M, Maier A, Kachelriess M, Ritschl L, Müller K, Choi JH, Fahrig R Journal article Marker-free motion correction in weight-bearing cone-beam CT of the knee joint (2016) Berger M, Müller K, Aichert A, Unberath M, Thies J, Choi JH, Fahrig R, Maier A Journal article Interventional dual-energy imaging - Feasibility of rapid kV-switching on a C-arm CT system (2016) Müller K, Datta S, Moiz A, Choi JH, Moore T, Pung L, Niebler C, et al. Journal article 2D/3D Registration for Motion Compensated Reconstruction in Cone-Beam CT of Knees Under Weight-Bearing Condition (2015) Berger M, Müller K, Choi JH, Aichert A, Maier A, Fahrig R Conference contribution Fully Automatic Head Motion Correction for Interventional C-arm Systems using Fiducial Markers (2015) Müller K, Berger M, Choi JH, Datta S, Gehrisch S, Moore T, Marks MP, et al. Conference contribution Clinical Data Evaluation of C-arm-based Motion Compensated Coronary Artery Reconstruction (2014) Schwemmer C, Lauritsch G, Kleinfeld A, Rohkohl C, Müller K, Hornegger J Conference contribution, Original article Catheter artifact reduction (CAR) in dynamic cardiac chamber imaging with interventional C-arm CT (2014) Müller K, Lauritsch G, Schwemmer C, Maier A, Taubmann O, Abt B, Köhler H, et al. Conference contribution, Original article Automatic Removal of Externally Attached Fiducial Markers in Cone Beam C-arm CT (2014) Berger M, Forman C, Schwemmer C, Choi JH, Müller K, Maier A, Hornegger J, Fahrig R Conference contribution, Original article Interventional heart wall motion analysis with cardiac C-arm CT systems (2014) Müller K, Maier A, Zheng Y, Wang Y, Lauritsch G, Schwemmer C, Rohkohl C, et al. Journal article
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