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The real-time TDDFT code “Quantum Dissipative Dynamics” on a GPU (2024) Dinh PM, Heraud J, Estaña A, Vincendon M, Reinhard PG, Suraud E Journal article Microscopic analysis of dipole electric and magnetic strengths in 156Gd (2024) Nesterenko VO, Vishnevskiy PI, Reinhard PG, Repko A, Kvasil J Journal article Shape polarization in the tin isotopes near N = 60 from precision g-factor measurements on short-lived 11/2− isomers (2023) Gray TJ, Stuchbery AE, Dobaczewski J, Blazhev A, Alshammari HA, Bignell LJ, Bonnard J, et al. Journal article Dipole instability in molecules irradiated by XUV pulses (2023) Hughes D, Dundas D, Dinh PM, Vincendon M, Reinhard PG, Suraud E Journal article Surprising Charge-Radius Kink in the Sc Isotopes at N=20 (2023) König K, Fritzsche S, Hagen G, Holt JD, Klose A, Lantis J, Liu Y, et al. Journal article Electric dipole polarizability of Ca 40 (2023) Fearick RW, Von Neumann-Cosel P, Bacca S, Birkhan J, Bonaiti F, Brandherm I, Hagen G, et al. Journal article Unexpected dipole instabilities in small molecules after ultrafast XUV irradiation (2023) Reinhard PG, Dundas D, Dinh PM, Vincendon M, Suraud E Journal article Theoretical uncertainties count: Parity violating asymmetry and dipole polarizability in 208Pb (2023) Roca-Maza X, Nazarewicz W, Reinhard PG Conference contribution Combined Theoretical Analysis of the Parity-Violating Asymmetry for Ca 48 and Pb 208 (2022) Reinhard PG, Roca-Maza X, Nazarewicz W Journal article Macroscopic and microscopic description of phase transition in cerium isotopes (2022) Alexa P, Abolghasem M, Thiamova G, Bonatsos D, Rodriguez TR, Reinhard PG Journal article