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Photoconverting nets affect plant growth and levels of antiviral glucoevatromonoside and total cardenolides in Digitalis mariana ssp. heywoodii (P. Silva and M. Silva) Hinz (2023) Marafeli ÉAM, Chibli LA, Rocha JPM, Assis RMAd, Pinto JEBP, Pádua RMd, Kreis W, et al. Journal article Overexpression and RNAi-mediated Knockdown of Two 3β-hydroxy-Δ5-steroid dehydrogenase Genes in Digitalis lanata Shoot Cultures Reveal Their Role in Cardenolide Biosynthesis (2023) Leykauf T, Klein J, Ernst M, Dorfner M, Ignatova A, Kreis W, Lanig H, Munkert J Journal article Effects of Lipophilicity and Structural Features on the Antiherpes Activity of Digitalis Cardenolides and Derivatives (2022) De Padua RM, Kratz JM, Munkert J, Bertol JW, Rigotto C, Schuster D, Maltarollo VG, et al. Journal article Knockout of arabidopsis thaliana vep1, encoding a prise (Progesterone 5β-reductase/iridoid synthase-like enzyme), leads to metabolic changes in response to exogenous methyl vinyl ketone (mvk) (2022) Klein J, Ernst M, Christmann A, Tropper M, Leykauf T, Kreis W, Munkert J Journal article Identifying structural features for changing substrate preferences in two Plantago PRISEs (pro-gesterone 5 beta-reductase and / or iridoid synthase) (2021) Dorfner M, Klein J, Lanig H, Kreis W, Munkert J Conference contribution Overexpression of 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in Digitalis lanata shoot cultures (2021) Leykauf T, Klein J, Lodel M, Kreis W, Munkert J Conference contribution Restoring cardenolide accumulation in RNAi-mediated DlP5 beta R1 and DlP5 beta R2 knockdown shoot culture lines of Digitalis lanata and studying the effects of precursor feeding on cardenolide free dark-cultured D. lanata shoots (2021) Ignatova A, Klein J, Leykauf T, Kreis W, Munkert J Conference contribution 21-Hydroxypregnane 21-O-malonylation, a crucial step in cardenolide biosynthesis, can be achieved by substrate-promiscuous BAHD-type phenolic glucoside malonyltransferases from Arabidopsis thaliana and homolog proteins from Digitalis lanata (2021) Tropper M, Höhn S, Wolf LS, Fritsch J, Kastner-Detter N, Rieck C, Munkert J, et al. Journal article, Original article Cytotoxicity of glucoevatromonoside alone and in combination with chemotherapy drugs and their effects on Na+,K+-ATPase and ion channels on lung cancer cells (2021) Zanchett Schneider NF, Menegaz D, Andreotti Dagostin AL, Persich L, Rocha SC, Pacheco Ramos AC, Cortes VF, et al. Journal article RNAi-mediated gene knockdown of progesterone 5β-reductases in Digitalis lanata reduces 5β-cardenolide content (2021) Klein J, Horn E, Ernst M, Leykauf T, Leupold T, Dorfner M, Wolf LS, et al. Journal article
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