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Influence of various pretreatments on molecular and rheological properties of a linear and a long-chain branched polypropylene (2024) Münstedt H, Kaschta J Journal article Characterization of the temperature and frequency dependency of the complex Poisson’s ratio using a novel combined torsional-axial rheometer (2023) Rodríguez Agudo JA, Haeberle J, Müller-Pabel M, Troiss A, Shetty A, Kaschta J, Giehl C Journal article From trash to treasure in additive manufacturing: Recycling of polymer powders by acid catalyzed hydrolysis (2023) Hesse N, Jaksch A, Kaschta J, Groh D, Drummer D, Peukert W, Schmidt J Journal article Thermal stabilization of polypropylene by renewable antioxidants (2023) Kröner R, Kaschta J, Heiduk I, Dorfmüller D, Falk M, Schubert DW Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Characterization of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT) materials - a mini review and insights (2023) Schneider N, Kaschta J, Heiduk I, Schubert DW Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Investigation and characterization of the additive manufacturing of polycaprolactone/bioactive glass hybrid scaffolds for bone tissue engineering via material extrusion processing (2023) Gritsch L, Askanian H, Bednarzig V, Schrüfer S, Kaschta J, Blavignac C, Peuble S, et al. Journal article Biaxial Elongation Behavior in Partially Molted State of Two-Layer Sheets Containing Postconsumer Material (2022) Wittmann LM, Kaschta J, Drummer D Journal article Abrasion-Induced Acceleration of Melt Crystallisation of Wet Comminuted Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) (2022) Tischer F, Düsenberg B, Gräser T, Kaschta J, Schmidt J, Peukert W Journal article Defects caused by degradation - A stumbling block for nanocomposites in thin film capacitors (2022) Werner S, Kaschta J, Schubert DW Conference contribution Ways to more potent capacitors for high-voltage DC transmission technology based on polymer nanocomposites and blends (2021) Werner S, Kaschta J, Schubert DW Conference contribution