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Interconversion of tetrahedral [(M)(4)boolean AND{Mg-4(L-1)(6)}]/[In-4(L-2)(4)] and cyclic [In6Cl6(L-3)(6)]. Enantiotopization of diastereotopic protons monitored by means of VT H-1 NMR spectroscopy (2021) Bauer W, Maid H, Saalfrank RW Journal article, Review article Solid state NMR and computational studies on cyclopentadienyl lithium (2019) Jiao H, Bauer W Journal article Deeper Insight into the Six-Step Domino Reaction of Aldehydes with Malononitrile and Evaluation of Antiviral and Antimalarial Activities of the Obtained Bicyclic Products. (2017) Bock C, Gangajji P, Bönisch S, Bauer W, Hutterer C, Leidenberger M, Friedrich O, et al. Journal article Production of the Cytotoxic Cardenolide Glucoevatromonoside by Semisynthesis and Biotransformation of Evatromonoside by a Digitalis lanata Cell Culture. (2017) Munkert J, Santiago Franco M, Nolte E, Silva IT, Oliveira Castilho R, Ottoni FM, Schneider NFZ, et al. Journal article, Original article Synthesis of Magnetic Molecular Complexes with Fullerene Anchor Groups (2017) Nuin Pla NE, Bauer W, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Optically active P-5-deltacyclenes: selective oxidation, ligand properties, and a diastereoselective rearrangement reaction (2016) Keller I, Bauer W, Heinemann FW, Höhn C, Rohwer L, Zenneck U Journal article The catalytic mechanism of the 3-ketosteroid isomerase of Digitalis lanata involves an intramolecular proton transfer and the activity is not associated with the 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity (2016) Meitinger N, Munkert J, Maia de Pádua R, De Souza Filho JD, Maid H, Bauer W, Braga FC, Kreis W Journal article, Original article Optically Active P-5-Deltacyclenes: A Unique Cage-Inversion Reaction and Some Transition-Metal Complexes of the Rearranged Cage (2016) Höhn C, Bauer W, Heinemann FW, Torrell SH, Keller I, Rohwer L, Shubina T, Zenneck U Journal article Assigning Electronic States in Carbon Nanodots (2016) Strauß V, Kahnt A, Zolnhofer E, Meyer K, Maid H, Placht C, Bauer W, et al. Journal article, Report Generation of Complex Azabicycles and Carbobicycles from Two Simple Compounds in a Single Operation through a Metal-Free Six-Step Domino Reaction (2016) Bock C, Parameshwarappa G, Bönisch S, Neiß C, Bauer W, Hampel F, Görling A, Tsogoeva S Journal article, Original article