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Free-Breathing, Self-Navigated and Dynamic 3-D Multi-Contrast Cardiac CINE Imaging Using Cartesian Sampling and Compressed Sensing (2019) Hoppe E, Wetzl J, Forman C, Koerzdoerfer G, Schneider M, Speier P, Schmidt M, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Automated Curved and Multiplanar Reformation for Screening of the Proximal Coronary Arteries in MR Angiography (2018) Stimpel B, Wetzl J, Forman C, Schmidt M, Maier A, Unberath M Journal article Deep Learning for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Accelerating the Reconstruction of Quantitative Relaxation Maps (2018) Hoppe E, Körzdorfer G, Nitka M, Würfl T, Wetzl J, Lugauer F, Schneider M, et al. Conference contribution, Original article Single-breath-hold abdominal T1 mapping using 3D Cartesian Look-Locker with spatiotemporal sparsity constraints (2018) Lugauer F, Wetzl J, Forman C, Schneider M, Kiefer B, Hornegger J, Nickel D, Maier A Journal article Feasibility Study: 2-D Self-Navigation using Compressed Sensing Reconstruction for Respiratory Gating in Free-breathing 3-D CINE Imaging (2017) Prochaska I, Wetzl J, Forman C, Nagel AM, Maier A Conference contribution Free-Breathing Self-Navigated Isotropic 3-D CINE Imaging of the Whole Heart using Adaptive Triggering and Retrospective Gating (2017) Wetzl J, Lugauer F, Kroeker R, Schmidt M, Maier A, Forman C Conference contribution Single-breath-hold 3-D CINE imaging of the left ventricle using Cartesian sampling (2017) Wetzl J, Schmidt M, Pontana F, Longère B, Lugauer F, Maier A, Hornegger J, Forman C Journal article Single Breath-Hold Abdominal T1 Mapping Using 3-D Cartesian Sampling and Spatiotemporally Constrained Reconstruction (2017) Lugauer F, Wetzl J, Forman C, Schneider M, Kiefer B, Nickel D, Maier A Conference contribution Automated Coronary Artery Ostia Detection in Magnetic Resonance Angiography (2017) Stimpel B, Forman C, Wetzl J, Schmidt M, Maier A, Unberath M Conference contribution Deep Learning for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: A New Approach for Predicting Quantitative Parameter Values from Time Series (2017) Hoppe E, Körzdorfer G, Würfl T, Wetzl J, Lugauer F, Pfeuffer J, Maier A Conference contribution, Original article
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