Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Steinmann


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Group SVG Multiscale FE-MD Coupling: Rethinking the Capriccio Method 14th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XIV) & 8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Science and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2020) 13.01.2021 Group SVG Characterization of polystyrene under uniaxial and shear deformation using molecular dynamics ICoNSoM 19.06.2019 Group SVG Investigation of the mechanical behavior of polystyrene using Molecular Dynamics GAMM Jahrestagung 2019 22.02.2019 Group SVG The Capriccio Method for Concurrent Continuum Mechanics and Particle-Based Simulations ECCOMAS Thematic Conference: Computational Modeling of Complex Materials across the Scales CMCS 2017 08.11.2017 Group SVG Hybrid Continuum Mechanics and Particle-Based Simulations: the Capriccio Method Particle Simulations 24.09.2015 Group SVG The Capriccio Method: An Arlequin‐Based Approach to Couple Molecular Dynamics and Finite Element Simulations of Polymers GDR Polynano 3661 - Scientific Workshop on multiscale modeling, experimental characterization and simulations of nanocomposites 15.06.2015 Group SVG Entwicklung einer Kopplung von Molekulardynamik und Finiten Elementen zur Simulation von Nanokompositen Wissenschaftskolloquium Nanotechnologie für Kunststoffverbunde 30.09.2014 Group SVG Molecular dynamics and finite elements: an approach to couple different worlds GAMM 2014 13.03.2014 Group SVG Multiscale simulations of nanocomposites: an approach to couple molecular dynamics and FE 6th WINTER COLLOQUIUM “Mechanics and Advanced Materials” 24.02.2014 Group SVG Molecular dynamics meets finite elements: an approach for coupled simulations of nanocomposites Workshop HYBRID2013 04.03.2013