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Controlling Electronic Events Through Rational Structural Design in Subphthalocyanine-Corrole Dyads: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophysical Properties (2022) Marinas V, Platzer B, Labella J, Caroleo F, Nardis S, Paolesse R, Guldi DM, Torres T Journal article Exploring the Association of Electron-Donating Corroles with Phthalocyanines as Electron Acceptors (2022) Platzer B, Berna BB, Bischetti M, Cicero DO, Paolesse R, Nardis S, Torres T, Guldi DM Journal article A Novel Electron Donor-Acceptor Carbazole-Zn(II)Phthalocyanine – Perfluorinated Subphthalocyanine Conjugate: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photoinduced Electron-Transfer (2022) Platzer B, Ghazal B, Marinas V, Labella J, Victoria Martinez-Diaz M, Maksheed S, Guldi DM, Torres T Journal article A Functional Hexaphenylbenzene Library Comprising of One, Three, and Six Peripheral Rylene-Diimide Substituents (2021) Dusold C, Platzer B, Haines P, Reger D, Jux N, Guldi DM, Hirsch A Journal article Well-separated water-soluble carbon dots via gradient chromatography (2021) Michaud V, Pracht J, Schilfarth F, Damm C, Platzer B, Haines P, Harreiß C, et al. Journal article, Original article Strong Electronic Communication in Linearly Elongated Rylenes Featuring Tunable Bridges (2021) Dobeneck M, Kaur R, Platzer B, Guldi DM, Hirsch A Journal article Helically and Linearly Fused Rylenediimide-Hexabenzocoronenes (2021) Dusold C, Haines P, Platzer B, Guldi DM, Hirsch A Journal article A Small Dye Puzzle: π-Conjugation of Perylenes with External Aromatic Compounds via Imidazo-Quinoxaline Bridges (2021) Dobeneck M, Kaur R, Platzer B, Guldi DM, Hirsch A Journal article Panchromatic Light Harvesting and Stabilizing Charge-Separated States in Corrole-Phthalocyanine Conjugates through Coordinating a Subphthalocyanine (2020) Berna BB, Platzer B, Wolf M, Lavarda G, Nardis S, Galloni P, Torres T, et al. Journal article Panchromatic light funneling through the synergy in hexabenzocoronene-(metallo)porphyrin-fullerene assemblies to realize the separation of charges (2020) Wolf M, Lungerich D, Bauroth S, Popp M, Platzer B, Clark T, Anderson HL, et al. Journal article