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Vegetation Ecology of Debris-Covered Glaciers (DCGs)-Site Conditions, Vegetation Patterns and Implications for DCGs Serving as Quaternary Cold- and Warm-Stage Plant Refugia (2022) Fickert T, Friend D, Molnia B, Grueninger F, Richter M Journal article Geografía del arte callejero: La distribución espacial de un arte controvertido. El caso de Valparaíso. (2021) Gemeinholzer J, Gerique-Zipfel A, Richter M Journal article, Original article Auswirkungen eines unangepassten Agrarsystems in Südmexiko (2020) Richter M, Vanselow K Journal article Monitoring and predictive mapping of floristic biodiversity along a climatic gradient in ENSO's terrestrial core region, NW Peru (2020) Muenchow J, Dieker P, Böttcher T, Brock J, Didenko G, Fremout T, Jakubka D, et al. Journal article Accounting for multiple ecosystem services in a simulation of land-use decisions: Does it reduce tropical deforestation? (2020) Knoke T, Paul C, Rammig A, Gosling E, Hildebrandt P, Härtl F, Peters T, et al. Journal article An ecological paradox: high species diversity and low position of the upper forest line in the Andean Depression (2014) Peters T, Bräuning A, Münchow J, Richter M Journal article, Original article The Atmospheric Circulation in the Tropics (2014) Peters T, Richter M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Plant Diversity and its Relevance for the Provision of Ecosystem Services (2013) Homeier J, Werner F, Adams J, Peters T, Diertl KH, Richter M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Environmental Changes Affecting the Andes of Ecuador (2013) Peters T, Drobnik T, Meyer H, Rankl M, Richter M, Rollenbeck R, Thies B, Bendix J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Integrative Hochgebirgsökologie in der Hochschullehre – “Umweltwandel in den Südalpen” (2013) Peters T, Bäumler R, Bräuning A, Grießinger J, Richter M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution
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