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High-fat-diet-associated intestinal microbiota exacerbates psoriasis-like inflammation by enhancing systemic γδ T cell IL-17 production (2023) Sonomoto K, Song R, Eriksson D, Hahn AM, Meng X, Lyu P, Cao S, et al. Journal article L-Arginine metabolism inhibits arthritis and inflammatory bone loss (2023) Cao S, Li Y, Song R, Meng X, Fuchs M, Liang C, Kachler K, et al. Journal article Epithelial HIF2 alpha expression induces intestinal barrier dysfunction and exacerbation of arthritis (2022) Wen J, Lyu P, Stolzer I, Xu J, Gießl A, Lin Z, Andreev D, et al. Journal article L-ARGININE REPROGRAMS OSTEOCLAST PURINE METABOLISM AMELIORATING BONE LOSS IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (2022) Cao S, Song R, Meng X, Kachler K, Fuchs M, Meng X, Li Y, et al. Conference contribution INTESTINAL HIF1 alpha EXPRESSION PROTECTS AGAINST EPITHELIAL CELL DEATH IN ARTHRITIS (2022) Lyu P, Wen J, Stolzer I, Gießl A, Song R, Meng X, Cao S, et al. Conference contribution Estrogen-mediated downregulation of HIF-1 alpha signaling in B lymphocytes influences postmenopausal bone loss (2022) Meng X, Lin Z, Cao S, Janowska I, Sonomoto K, Andreev D, Knab K, et al. Journal article The Transcription Factor FRA-1/AP-1 Controls Lipocalin-2 Expression and Inflammation in Sepsis Model (2021) Cao S, Schnelzer A, Hannemann N, Schett G, Soulat D, Bozec A Journal article L-ARGININE SUPPLEMENTATION AMELIORATES BONE EROSION IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS THROUGH INHIBITION OF RANKL/RANK/TRAF6 PATHWAY AND REPROGRAMMING OSTEOCLAST METABOLISM (2020) Cao S, Chen X, Schett G, Bozec A Conference contribution Fra-2/AP-1 regulates melanoma cell metastasis by downregulating Fam212b (2020) Chen GL, Li R, Chen XX, Wang J, Cao S, Song R, Zhao MC, et al. Journal article INHIBITION OF ARGINASE-1 EXPRESSION BY THE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR FRA-1 IN MACROPHAGES EXACERBATES RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS INFLAMMATION (2019) Hannemann N, Cao S, Schnelzer A, Jordan J, Eberhardt M, Schleicher U, Uebe S, et al. Conference contribution