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QCT of the femur: Comparison between QCTPro CTXA and MIAF Femur (2019) Wang L, Museyko O, Su Y, Brown K, Yang R, Zhang Y, Duanmu Y, et al. Journal article Three-dimensional Distribution of Muscle and Adipose Tissue of the Thigh at CT: Association with Acute Hip Fracture (2019) Mühlberg A, Museyko O, Bousson V, Pottecher P, Laredo JD, Engelke K Journal article Quantitative analysis of skeletal muscle by computed tomography imaging-State of the art (2018) Engelke K, Museyko O, Wang L, Laredo JD Journal article QCT of the femur: Comparison between QCTPro and MIAF Femur (2018) Wang L, Museyko O, Engelke K, Brown K, Cheng X Conference contribution A new CT based approach to quantify adipose tissue in paraspinal muscle (2018) Engelke K, Museyko O, Guenzel D, Maier A, Laredo JD Conference contribution ADVANCED 3D REGISTRATION FOR MONITORING PERIPHERAL BMD AND BMC CHANGES IN GROWING BONES IN CHILDREN (2018) Friedberger A, Museyko O, Genant HH, Engelke K Conference contribution THREE DIMENSIONAL COMPARISONS BETWEEN QCTPRO AND MIAF FEMUR FOR THE PROXIMAL FEMUR MEASUREMENTS (2018) Wang L, Museyko O, Brown K, Cheng X, Engelke K Conference contribution QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT AND ANALYSIS OF HAND MUSCLE VOLUME (2017) Friedberger A, Figueiredo C, Museyko O, Grimm A, D'Oliveira I, Bäuerle T, Rech J, et al. Conference contribution A new method to determine cortical bone thickness in CT images using a hybrid approach of parametric profile representation and local adaptive thresholds: Accuracy results (2017) Museyko O, Gerner B, Engelke K Journal article A reproducible semi-automatic method to quantify the muscle-lipid distribution in clinical 3D CT images of the thigh (2017) Mühlberg A, Museyko O, Laredo JD, Engelke K Journal article
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