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Contribution to the Reduction of Annealing Processes in the Manufacturing of Valve Solenoids by Using Inline Measuring Technology in the Caulking Process (2018) Freiherr von Lindenfels J, Heyder A, Funk S, Pigler S, Franke J Conference contribution, Original article Crack detection in PM-rotors using magnetic field measurement and data processing (2018) Abersfelder S, Meyer AW, Heyder A, Herzog M, Franke J, Brela M Conference contribution Concept for Magnet Intra Logistics and Assembly Supporting the Improvement of Running Characteristics of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (2016) Meyer AW, Heyder A, Kühl A, Sand C, Gehb H, Abersfelder S, Franke J, et al. Conference contribution Magnetic stray field measurement of magnetic specimen (2016) Heyder A, Tenner M, Meyer AW, Abersfelder S, Franke J Conference contribution Comparison analysis of the magnetic field and the magnetic force inside of an electromagnetic actuator with the use of an armature measuring sensor (2016) Heyder A, Losch T, Meyer AW, Abersfelder S, Franke J Conference contribution Prediction of electric motor performance by in-line testing of permanent excited rotors (2016) Abersfelder S, Meyer AW, Heyder A, Thanner M, Franke J Conference contribution Application and Validation of an Existing Industry 4.0 Guideline for the Development of Specific Recommendations for Implementation (2016) Bogner E, Abersfelder S, Heyder A, Franke J Journal article Optimization of a servo motor manufacturing value stream by use of 'Industrie 4.0' (2015) Abersfelder S, Heyder A, Franke J Conference contribution Fully automated rotor inspection apparatus with high flexibility for permanent magnet synchronous motors using an improved hall sensor line array (2015) Meyer AW, Heyder A, Brela M, Urban N, Sparrer J, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Use of automated in-line capable magnetic stray field measurement method for monitoring the value chain quality of magnetic circuits (2014) Brela M, Heyder A, Dietlein F, Markert J, Franke J, Hauenstein R, Wagner R Conference contribution