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A group of cationic amphiphilic drugs activates MRGPRX2 and induces scratching behavior in mice (2021) Wolf K, Kühn H, Boehm F, Gebhardt L, Glaudo M, Agelopoulos K, Ständer S, et al. Journal article Identification of novel MRGX2-agonists triggering mast cell degranulation and potentially mediating drug-induced pruritus (2019) Kühn H, Wolf K, Boehm F, Glaudo M, Gebhardt L, Ectors P, Agelopoulos K, et al. Conference contribution Benchmarking and optimization of molecular simulation models of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate and calcium sulfonate oil additives (2019) Ectors P, Zahn D Journal article Molecular simulations of crystal growth: From understanding to tailoring (2019) Duchstein P, Ectors P, Zahn D Journal article, Review article Fundamental theoretical and practical investigations of the polymorph formation of small amphiphilic molecules, their co-crystals and salts (2017) Martin T, Niemietz P, Greim D, Ectors P, Senker J, Zahn D, Breu J Journal article From oligomers towards a racemic crystal: molecular simulation of DL-norleucine crystal nucleation from solution (2015) Ectors P, Duchstein P, Zahn D Journal article Two-Step Nucleation Rather than Self-Poisoning: An Unexpected Mechanism of Asymmetrical Molecular Crystal Growth (2015) Ectors P, Anwar J, Zahn D Journal article The Molecular Mechanism of α-Resorcinol's Asymmetric Crystal Growth from the Melt (2015) Ectors P, Sae-Tang W, Chatchawalsaisin J, Zahn D, Anwar J Journal article Nucleation Mechanisms of a Polymorphic Molecular Crystal: Solvent-Dependent Structural Evolution of Benzamide Aggregates (2014) Ectors P, Duchstein P, Zahn D Journal article Structure and interactions in benzamide molecular crystals (2013) Ectors P, Ectors D, Zahn D Journal article