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The small molecule activator S3969 stimulates the epithelial sodium channel by interacting with a specific binding pocket in the channel's β-subunit (2024) Sure F, Einsiedel J, Gmeiner P, Duchstein P, Zahn D, Korbmacher C, Ilyaskin A Journal article Efficient Assessment of ‘Instantaneous pK’ Values from Molecular Dynamics Simulations (2023) Duchstein P, Löffler F, Zahn D Journal article Small-Molecular-Weight Additives Modulate Calcification by Interacting with Prenucleation Clusters on the Molecular Level (2022) Duchstein P, Schodder P, Leupold S, Dao TQN, Kababya S, Cicconi MR, de Ligny D, et al. Journal article The nano- and meso-scale structure of amorphous calcium carbonate (2022) Clark SM, Colas B, Jacob DE, Neuefeind JC, Wang HW, Page KL, Soper AK, et al. Journal article Directed Dehydration as Synthetic Tool for Generation of a New Na4SnS4 Polymorph: Crystal Structure, Na+ Conductivity, and Influence of Sb-Substitution (2022) Hartmann F, Benkada A, Indris S, Poschmann M, Luehmann H, Duchstein P, Zahn D, Bensch W Journal article Hydration breaking and chemical ordering in a levitated NaCl solution droplet beyond the metastable zone width limit: evidence for the early stage of two-step nucleation (2021) Hwang H, Cho YC, Lee S, Lee YH, Kim S, Kim Y, Jo W, et al. Journal article Polar Structure Formation in Solid Solution of Strontium-Substituted Fluorapatite-Gelatin Composites: From Structural and Morphogenetic Aspects to Pyroelectric Properties (2020) Knaus J, Sommer M, Duchstein P, Gumeniuk R, Akselrud L, Sturm S, Auffermann G, et al. Journal article Interface between Water-Solvent Mixtures and a Hydrophobic Surface (2020) Prihoda A, Will J, Duchstein P, Becit B, Lossin F, Schindler T, Berlinghof M, et al. Journal article Red light-triggered photoreduction on a nucleic acid template (2020) Dutta S, Rühle J, Schikora M, Deussner-Helfmann NS, Heilemann M, Zatsepin T, Duchstein P, et al. Journal article Robot-Based High-Throughput Screening of Antisolvents for Lead Halide Perovskites (2020) Gu E, Tang X, Langner S, Duchstein P, Zhao Y, Levchuk I, Kalancha V, et al. Journal article
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