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Severe manifestation of Rauch-Azzarello syndrome associated with biallelic deletion of CTNND2 (2024) Pauly M, Krumbiegel M, Trumpp S, Braig S, Rupprecht T, Kraus C, Uebe S, et al. Journal article P2RX7 gene variants associate with altered inflammasome assembly and reduced pyroptosis in chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis (CNO). (2024) Charras A, Hofmann SR, Cox A, Schulze F, Russ S, Northey S, Liu X, et al. Journal article Tumor microenvironment-dependent epigenetic imprinting in the vasculature predicts colon cancer outcome (2023) Naschberger E, Fuchs M, Dickel N, Kunz M, Popp B, Anchang CG, Demmler R, et al. Journal article Prevalence of hereditary tubulointerstitial kidney diseases in the German Chronic Kidney Disease study (2022) Popp B, Ekici AB, Knaup K, Schneider K, Uebe S, Park J, Bafna V, et al. Journal article SRD5A3-CDG: Twins with an intragenic tandem duplication (2022) Rieger M, Türk M, Kraus C, Uebe S, Ekici AB, Krumbiegel M, Huchzermeyer C, et al. Journal article Interspecies Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Reveals the Novel Trajectory of Osteoclast Differentiation and Therapeutic Targets (2022) Omata Y, Okada H, Uebe S, Izawa N, Ekici AB, Sarter-Zaiss K, Saito T, et al. Journal article EIF3F-related neurodevelopmental disorder: refining the phenotypic and expanding the molecular spectrum (2022) Hüffmeier U, Kraus C, Reuter M, Uebe S, Abbott MA, Ahmed SA, Rawson KL, et al. Conference contribution Common RUNX3 missense variant contributes to psoriatic arthritis by modifying differentiation of CD8(+) T-cells (2022) Kerker I, Löhr S, Uebe S, Popp B, Vasileiou G, Bowes J, Kirchner P, et al. Conference contribution Diverse molecular causes of unsolved autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney diseases (2022) Wopperer F, Knaup K, Stanzick KJ, Schneider K, Jobst-Schwan T, Ekici AB, Uebe S, et al. Journal article Transcriptomes of MPO-Deficient Patients with Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Reveals Expansion of CD4+ Cytotoxic T Cells and an Involvement of the Complement System (2022) Haskamp S, Frey B, Becker I, Schulz-Kuhnt A, Atreya I, Berking C, Pauli D, et al. Journal article