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Intercalating-Organic-Cation-Induced Stability Bowing in Quasi-2D Metal-Halide Perovskites (2022) Zhang J, Langner S, Wu J, Kupfer C, Lüer L, Meng W, Zhao B, et al. Journal article Exploring the Steric Hindrance of Alkylammonium Cations in the Structural Reconfiguration of Quasi-2D Perovskite Materials Using a High-throughput Experimental Platform (2022) Zhang J, Wu J, Langner S, Zhao B, Xie Z, Hauch J, Afify HA, et al. Journal article Understanding and Controlling the Evolution of Nanomorphology and Crystallinity of Organic Bulk-Heterojunction Blends with Solvent Vapor Annealing (2022) Harreiß C, Langner S, Wu M, Berlinghof M, Rechberger S, Will J, Conroy M, et al. Journal article A bilayer conducting polymer structure for planar perovskite solar cells with over 1,400 hours operational stability at elevated temperatures (2021) Zhao Y, Heumueller T, Zhang J, Luo J, Kasian O, Langner S, Kupfer C, et al. Journal article Discovery of temperature-induced stability reversal in perovskites using high-throughput robotic learning (2021) Zhao Y, Hauch J, Zhang J, Xu Z, Sun S, Langner S, Hartono NTP, et al. Journal article Luminescence Analysis of PV-Module Soiling in Germany (2021) Doll B, Forberich K, Hepp J, Langner S, Buerhop-Lutz C, Hauch J, Brabec C, Peters IM Journal article Correlative relationship between nanomorphology, crystallinity, texture and device efficiency of organic BHJ solar cells studied by energy-filtered TEM (2021) Harreiß C, Wu M, Langner S, Rechberger S, Will J, Brabec C, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article Understanding the Microstructure Formation of Polymer Films by Spontaneous Solution Spreading Coating with a High-Throughput Engineering Platform (2021) Wang R, Lüer L, Langner S, Heumüller T, Forberich K, Zhang H, Hauch J, et al. Journal article Elucidating the Full Potential of OPV Materials Utilizing a High-Throughput Robot-Based Platform and Machine Learning (2021) Du X, Lüer L, Heumüller T, Wagner J, Berger C, Osterrieder T, Wortmann J, et al. Journal article Robot-Based High-Throughput Screening of Antisolvents for Lead Halide Perovskites (2020) Gu E, Tang X, Langner S, Duchstein P, Zhao Y, Levchuk I, Kalancha V, et al. Journal article
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