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A Neural Network-based Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Canceller (2019) Halimeh MM, Hümmer C, Kellermann W Journal article, Letter A Bayesian Network Approach to Selected Problems in Speech Signal Processing (2019) Hümmer C Thesis Exploiting microphone array symmetry for robust two-dimensional polynomial beamforming (2018) Barfuß H, Bachmann M, Hümmer C, Kellermann W Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Estimating parameters of nonlinear systems using the elitist particle filter based on evolutionary strategies (2018) Hümmer C, Hofmann C, Maas R, Kellermann W Journal article Context Adaptive Neural Network Based Acoustic Models for Rapid Adaptation (2018) Delcroix M, Kinoshita K, Ogawa A, Hümmer C, Nakatani T Journal article Feedback Connection for Deep Neural Network-Based Acoustic Modeling (2017) Tran D, Delcroix M, Ogawa A, Hümmer C, Nakatani T Conference contribution Online environmental adaptation of CNN-based acoustic models using spatial diffuseness features (2017) Hümmer C, Delcroix M, Ogawa A, Kinoshita K, Nakatani T, Kellermann W Conference contribution An improved uncertainty decoding scheme with weighted samples for multi-channel DNN-HMM hybrid systems (2017) Kellermann W, Hümmer C, Astudillo RF Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Robust coherence-based spectral enhancement for speech recognition in adverse real-world environments (2017) Barfuß H, Hümmer C, Schwarz A, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Significance-aware filtering for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation (2016) Hofmann C, Hümmer C, Günther M, Kellermann W Journal article
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