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“sCT-Feasibility” - a feasibility study for deep learning-based MRI-only brain radiotherapy (2024) Grigo J, Szkitsak J, Höfler D, Fietkau R, Putz F, Bert C Journal article Exploring the Capabilities and Limitations of Large Language Models for Radiation Oncology Decision Support (2024) Putz F, Haderlein M, Lettmaier S, Semrau S, Fietkau R, Huang Y Journal article, Editorial Quality requirements for MRI simulation in cranial stereotactic radiotherapy: a guideline from the German Taskforce “Imaging in Stereotactic Radiotherapy” (2024) Putz F, Bock M, Schmitt D, Bert C, Blanck O, Ruge MI, Hattingen E, et al. Journal article, Review article Toward a deep learning-based magnetic resonance imaging only workflow for postimplant dosimetry in I-125 seed brachytherapy for prostate cancer (2024) Grigo J, Karius A, Hanspach J, Mücke L, Laun FB, Huang Y, Strnad V, et al. Journal article, Original article Status epilepticus in patients with glioblastoma: Clinical characteristics, risk factors, and epileptological outcome (2023) Stritzelberger J, Gesmann A, Fuhrmann I, Balk S, Reindl C, Madzar D, Uhl M, et al. Journal article Deep Learning and Registration-Based Mapping for Analyzing the Distribution of Nodal Metastases in Head and Neck Cancer Cohorts: Informing Optimal Radiotherapy Target Volume Design (2023) Weissmann T, Mansoorian S, May M, Lettmaier S, Höfler D, Deloch L, Speer S, et al. Journal article Benchmarking ChatGPT-4 on a radiation oncology in-training exam and Red Journal Gray Zone cases: potentials and challenges for AI-assisted medical education and decision making in radiation oncology (2023) Huang Y, Gomaa A, Semrau S, Haderlein M, Lettmaier S, Weissmann T, Grigo J, et al. Journal article, Original article Deep Learning-assisted delineation of brain metastases: a workflow focusing on AI-expert interaction (2023) Putz F, Szkitsak J, Grigo J, Masitho S, Weissmann T, Frey B, Gaipl U, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Deep learning for perspective deformation correction in X-ray imaging (2023) Huang Y, Maier A, Fan F, Kreher BW, Huang X, Fietkau R, Bert C, Putz F Journal article, other Deep learning for automatic head and neck lymph node level delineation provides expert-level accuracy (2023) Weissmann T, Huang Y, Fischer S, Roesch J, Mansoorian S, Gaona HA, Gostian AO, et al. Journal article, Original article