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From Divalent to Pentavalent Iron Imido Complexes and an Fe(V) Nitride via N-C Bond Cleavage (2022) Keilwerth M, Mao W, Jannuzzi SAV, Grunwald L, Heinemann FW, Scheurer A, Sutter J, et al. Journal article A Zwitterionic Heterobimetallic Gold–Iron Complex Supported by Bis(N-Heterocyclic Imine)Silyliumylidene (2021) Hanusch F, Munz D, Sutter J, Meyer K, Inoue S Journal article Ligand Tailoring Toward an Air-Stable Iron(V) Nitrido Complex (2021) Keilwerth M, Grunwald L, Mao W, Heinemann FW, Sutter J, Bill E, Meyer K Journal article A Series of Iron Nitrosyl Complexes {Fe-NO}6-9 and a Fleeting {FeNO}10 Intermediate en route to a Metalacyclic Iron Nitrosoalkane (2019) Keilwerth M, Hohenberger J, Heinemann FW, Sutter J, Scheurer A, Fang H, Bill E, et al. Journal article Synthesis and characterization of an Fe(I) cage complex with high stability towards strong H-acids (2018) Voloshin YZ, Novikov VV, Nelyubina Y, Belov AS, Roitershtein DM, Savitsky A, Mokhir A, et al. Journal article, Original article Monomeric Fe(III) half-sandwich complexes [Cp′FeX2]-synthesis, properties and electronic structure (2018) Reiners M, Maekawa M, Baabe D, Zaretzke MK, Schweyen P, Daniliuc CG, Freytag M, et al. Journal article, Original article A Ferrocene-Based Dicationic Iron(IV) Carbonyl Complex (2018) Malischewski M, Seppelt K, Sutter J, Munz D, Meyer K Journal article, Original article Protonation of Ferrocene: A Low-Temperature X-ray Diffraction Study of [Cp2 FeH](PF6 ) Reveals an Iron-Bound Hydrido Ligand. (2017) Malischewski M, Seppelt K, Sutter J, Heinemann FW, Dittrich B, Meyer K Journal article Reactivity studies on [Cp′Fe(μ-I)]2: Nitrido-, sulfido- and diselenide iron complexes derived from pseudohalide activation (2017) Reiners M, Maekawa M, Daniliuc CG, Freytag M, Jones PG, White PS, Hohenberger J, et al. Journal article, Original article High oxidation states: Isolation of decamethylmetallocene-dications (2016) Malischewski M, Adelhardt M, Sutter J, Meyer K, Seppelt K Other publication type