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On the Electron-Induced Reactions of (CH3)AuP(CH3)(3): A Combined UHV Surface Science and Gas-Phase Study (2022) Kamali A, Bilgilisoy E, Wolfram A, Gentner T, Ballmann G, Harder S, Marbach H, Ingolfsson O Journal article Low Energy Electron- and Ion-Induced Surface Reactions of Fe(CO)(5) Thin Films (2021) Bilgilisoy E, Thorman RM, Barclay MS, Marbach H, Fairbrother DH Journal article Exploring the fabrication and transfer mechanism of metallic nanostructures on carbon nanomembranes via focused electron beam induced processing (2021) Preischl C, Le LH, Bilgilisoy E, Goelzhaeuser A, Marbach H Journal article Nanoscale Ruthenium-Containing Deposits from Ru(CO)4I2via Simultaneous Focused Electron Beam-Induced Deposition and Etching in Ultrahigh Vacuum: Mask Repair in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and beyond (2021) Bilgilisoy E, Yu JC, Preischl C, McElwee-White L, Steinrück HP, Marbach H Journal article Ultrathin Carbon Nanomembranes from 5,10,15,20-Tetraphenylporphyrin: Electron Beam Induced Fabrication and Functionalization via Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing (2021) Preischl C, Rohdenburg M, Bilgilisoy E, Cartaya R, Swiderek P, Marbach H Journal article Surface Reactions of Low-Energy Argon Ions with Organometallic Precursors (2020) Bilgilisoy E, Thorman RM, Yu JC, Dunn TB, Marbach H, Mcelwee-White L, Fairbrother DH Journal article Controlled Electron-Induced Fabrication of Metallic Nanostructures on 1 nm Thick Membranes (2020) Preischl C, Le LH, Bilgilisoy Alperen E, Vollnhals F, Gölzhäuser A, Marbach H Journal article