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Estimating 3D kinematics and kinetics from virtual inertial sensor data through musculoskeletal movement simulations (2024) Nitschke M, Dorschky E, Leyendecker S, Eskofier B, Koelewijn AD Journal article Methods for integrating postural control into biomechanical human simulations: a systematic review (2023) Shanbhag J, Wolf A, Wechsler I, Fleischmann S, Winkler J, Leyendecker S, Eskofier B, et al. Journal article, Review article Effects of PTH glandular and external dosing patterns on bone cell activity using a two-state receptor model—Implications for bone disease progression and treatment (2023) Martonová D, Lavaill M, Forwood MR, Robling A, Cooper DML, Leyendecker S, Pivonka P Journal article, Original article Change the direction: 3D optimal control simulation by directly tracking marker and ground reaction force data (2023) Nitschke M, Marzilger R, Leyendecker S, Eskofier B, Koelewijn A Journal article, Original article Extension of the spatially adaptive phase-field model to various forms of fracture (2023) Phansalkar D, Jadhav D, Weinberg K, Ortiz M, Leyendecker S Journal article Discrete adjoint method for variational integration of constrained ODEs and its application to optimal control of geometrically exact beam dynamics (2023) Schubert M, Sato Martin de Almagro R, Nachbagauer K, Ober-Blöbaum S, Leyendecker S Journal article, Original article ShaRPy: Shape Reconstruction and Hand Pose Estimation from RGB-D with Uncertainty (2023) Wirth V, Liphardt AM, Coppers B, Bräunig J, Heinrich S, Leyendecker S, Kleyer A, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Augmented Lagrangian contact formulation of the 2D Euler elastica (2023) Stavole M, Sato Martin de Almagro R, Brüls O, Leyendecker S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Frequency-dependent damping as forcing on multisymplectic integrators (2023) Sato Martin de Almagro R, Leyendecker S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Propagation of epistemic uncertainty though a multi-layerd geometrically exact beam (2023) Scheiterer ES, Leyendecker S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution