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Measurement of optical properties of pig esophagus by using a modified spectrometer set-up (2017) Hohmann M, Lengenfelder B, Kanawade R, Klämpfl F, Douplik A, Albrecht H Journal article Investigation of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the Differentiation of Nerve and Gland Tissue—A Possible Application for a Laser Surgery Feedback Control Mechanism (2016) Mehari F, Rohde M, Knipfer C, Kanawade R, Klämpfl F, Adler W, Oetter N, et al. Journal article, Online publication Investigation of the differentiation of ex vivo nerve and fat tissues using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS): Prospects for tissue-specific laser surgery (2016) Mehari F, Rohde M, Kanawade R, Knipfer C, Adler W, Klämpfl F, Stelzle F, Schmidt M Journal article, Online publication In-vivo multispectral Video Endoscopy towards in-vivo hyperspectral Video Endoscopy (2016) Hohmann M, Kanawade R, Klämpfl F, Douplik A, Mudter J, Neurath M, Albrecht H Journal article Extension of depth-resolved reconstruction of attenuation coefficients in optical coherence tomography for slim samples (2015) Hohmann M, Lengenfelder B, Kanawade R, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M Conference contribution Recovering the superficial microvascular pattern via diffuse reflection imaging: phantom validation (2015) Chen C, Klämpfl F, Kanawade R, Riemann M, Knipfer C, Stelzle F, Schmidt M Journal article, Review article Improved cancer diagnostics by different image processing techniques on OCT images (2015) Kanawade R, Lengenfelder B, Menezes TM, Hohmann M, Kopfinger S, Hohmann T, Grabiec U, et al. Journal article Preparation of a skin equivalent phantom with interior micron-scale vessel structures for optical imaging experiments (2014) Chen C, Klämpfl F, Knipfer C, Riemann M, Kanawade R, Stelzle F, Schmidt M Journal article, Review article Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor for Real-time Body Hemodynamics Monitoring - An Efficient, Robust and Simple Approach for Clinical Shock Diagnostics (2014) Kanawade R, Alhamwi N, Klämpfl F, Riemann M, Knipfer C, Schmidt M, Stelzle F Journal article Comparing classification methods for diffuse reflectance spectra to improve tissue specific laser surgery (2014) Engelhardt A, Kanawade R, Knipfer C, Schmid M, Stelzle F, Adler W Journal article