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On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of a Cycloarene: C108 Graphene Ring (2020) Fan Q, Martin-Jimenez D, Werner S, Ebeling D, Koehler T, Vollgraff T, Sundermeyer J, et al. Journal article Molecular Topology and the Surface Chemical Bond: Alternant Versus Nonalternant Aromatic Systems as Functional Structural Elements (2019) Klein BP, Van Der Heijden NJ, Kachel SR, Franke M, Krug CK, Greulich KK, Ruppenthal L, et al. Journal article Nanoribbons with Nonalternant Topology from Fusion of Polyazulene: Carbon Allotropes beyond Graphene (2019) Fan Q, Martin-Jimenez D, Ebeling D, Krug CK, Brechmann L, Kohlmeyer C, Hilt G, et al. Journal article Oxygen Functionalization of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Ni(111) (2019) Späth F, Soni H, Steinhauer J, Düll F, Bauer U, Bachmann P, Hieringer W, et al. Journal article Controlled Catalytic Energy Release of the Norbornadiene/Quadricyclane Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System on Ni(111) (2019) Bauer U, Fromm L, Weiß C, Bachmann P, Späth F, Düll F, Steinhauer J, et al. Journal article, Original article Metal versus Ligand Reduction in Ln3+ Complexes of a Mesitylene-Anchored Tris(Aryloxide) Ligand (2018) Palumbo CT, Halter D, Voora VK, Chen GP, Chan AK, Fieser ME, Ziller JW, et al. Journal article On the critical role of the substrate: the adsorption behaviour of tetrabenzoporphyrins on different metal surfaces (2017) Zhang L, Lepper M, Stark MW, Menzel T, Lungerich D, Jux N, Hieringer W, et al. Journal article "Inverted'' porphyrins: a distorted adsorption geometry of free-base porphyrins on Cu(111) (2017) Lepper M, Köbl J, Schmitt T, Gurrath M, De Siervo A, Schneider MA, Steinrück HP, et al. Journal article Detailed Investigation of the Mechanism of Rh-Diphosphite Supported Ionic Liquid Phase (SILP)-Catalyzed 1-Butene Hydroformylation in the Gas Phase via Combined Kinetic and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Modeling Studies (2017) Walter S, Spohr H, Franke R, Hieringer W, Wasserscheid P, Haumann M Journal article Predicting core level binding energies shifts: Suitability of the projector augmented wave approach as implemented in VASP (2017) Pueyo Bellafont N, Vines F, Hieringer W, Illas F Journal article