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The presence of cerebellar B cell aggregates is associated with a specific chemokine profile in the cerebrospinal fluid in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (2023) Schropp V, Chunder R, Dietel B, Tacke S, Kuerten S Journal article The Involvement of Cx43 in JNK1/2-Mediated Endothelial Mechanotransduction and Human Plaque Progression (2023) Tauchi M, Oshita K, Urschel K, Furtmair R, Kühn C, Stumpfe F, Botos B, et al. Journal article Bone marrow stroma cells promote induction of a chemoresistant and prognostic unfavorable S100A8/A9high AML cell subset. (2022) Böttcher M, Panagiotidis K, Bruns H, Stumpf M, Völkl S, Geyh S, Dietel B, et al. Journal article Accuracy of BIS monitoring using a novel interface device connecting conventional needle-electrodes and BIS sensors during frontal neurosurgical procedures (2021) Harada H, Muta S, Kakuma T, Ukeda M, Ota S, Hirata M, Fujioka H, et al. Journal article Investigation of wall shear stress in cardiovascular research and in clinical practice—from bench to bedside (2021) Urschel K, Tauchi M, Achenbach S, Dietel B Journal article, Review article Differential responses to bioink‐induced oxidative stress in endothelial cells and fibroblasts (2021) Genc H, Hazur J, Karakaya E, Dietel B, Bider F, Groll J, Alexiou C, et al. Journal article Formation of atherosclerotic lesions is independent of eosinophils in male mice (2020) Hofheinz K, Seibert F, Ackermann J, Dietel B, Tauchi M, Oszvar-Kozma M, Kühn H, et al. Journal article Optimization of cell seeding on electrospun PCL-silk fibroin scaffolds (2020) Singh R, Eitler D, Morelle R, Friedrich RP, Dietel B, Alexiou C, Boccaccini AR, et al. Journal article A Single Injection of N-Oleoyldopamine, an Endogenous Agonist for Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1, Induced Brain Hypothermia, but No Neuroprotective Effects in Experimentally Induced Cerebral Ischemia in Rats (2019) De Rink MMT, Naumann U, Kollmar R, Schwab S, Dietel B, Harada H, Tauchi M Journal article Filarial extract of Litomosoides sigmodontis induces a type 2 immune response and attenuates plaque development in hyperlipidemic ApoE-knockout mice (2019) Kühn C, Tauchi M, Furtmair R, Urschel K, Raaz-Schrauder D, Neumann AL, Frohberger SJ, et al. Journal article
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