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Revealing the percolation–agglomeration transition in polymer nanocomposites via MD-informed continuum RVEs with elastoplastic interphases (2024) Richter E, Possart G, Steinmann P, Pfaller S, Ries M Journal article Generalized interfaces enabling macroscopic modeling of structural adhesives and their failure (2022) Spannraft L, Possart G, Steinmann P, Mergheim J Journal article Testing, modelling, and parameter identification for adhesively bonded joints under the influence of temperature (2022) Schmelzle L, Striewe M, Mergheim J, Meschut G, Possart G, Teutenberg D, Hein D, Steinmann P Journal article A viscoelastic Mooney-Rivlin model for adhesive curing and first steps toward its calibration based on photoelasticity measurements (2022) Lengger M, Possart G, Steinmann P Journal article A quantitative interphase model for polymer nanocomposites: Verification, validation, and consequences regarding size effects (2022) Ries M, Weber F, Possart G, Steinmann P, Pfaller S Journal article Experimentelle und numerische Untersuchung des Einflusses variabler Betriebstemperaturen auf das Trag- und Versagensverhalten struktureller Klebverbindungen unter Crashbelastung (2022) Schmelzle L, Mergheim J, Possart G, Steinmann P, Striewe M, Meschut G Conference contribution, other A coupled MD-FE methodology to characterize mechanical interphases in polymeric nanocomposites (2021) Ries M, Possart G, Steinmann P, Pfaller S Journal article Extensive CGMD simulations of atactic PS providing pseudo experimental data to calibrate nonlinear inelastic continuum mechanical constitutive laws (2019) Ries M, Possart G, Steinmann P, Pfaller S Journal article Uniaxial deformation of polystyrene–silica nanocomposites studied by hybrid molecular dynamics–finite element simulations (2016) Liu S, Pfaller S, Rahimi M, Possart G, Steinmann P, Böhm MC, Müller-Plathe F Journal article Investigation of interphase effects in silica-polystyrene nanocomposites based on a hybrid molecular-dynamics-finite-element simulation framework (2016) Pfaller S, Possart G, Steinmann P, Rahimi M, Müller-Plathe F, Böhm MC Journal article
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