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Improving the Performance of Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalysts for the Ultra-Low-Temperature Water Gas Shift Reaction Using Organic Salt Additives (2022) Wolf P, Wick C, Mehler J, Blaumeiser D, Schötz S, Bauer T, Libuda J, et al. Journal article Formation and Surface Behavior of Pt and Pd Complexes with Ligand Systems Derived from Nitrile-functionalized Ionic Liquids Studied by XPS (2022) Hemmeter D, Paap U, Taccardi N, Mehler J, Schulz P, Wasserscheid P, Maier F, Steinrück HP Journal article UiO-66 and hcp UiO-66 Catalysts Synthesized from Ionic Liquids as Linker Precursors (2020) Ermer M, Mehler J, Rosenberger B, Fischer M, Schulz P, Hartmann M Journal article Surface Tension and Viscosity of Binary Mixtures of the Fluorinated and Non-fluorinated Ionic Liquids [PFBMIm][PF6] and [C4C1Im][PF6] by the Pendant Drop Method and Surface Light Scattering (2020) Koller TM, Lenahan F, Schmidt P, Klein T, Mehler J, Maier F, Rausch MH, et al. Journal article, Original article Diffusivities in Binary Mixtures of [AMIM][NTf2] Ionic Liquids with the Dissolved Gases H2, He, N2, CO, CO2, or Kr Close to Infinite Dilution (2020) Klein T, Piszko M, Lang M, Mehler J, Schulz P, Rausch MH, Giraudet C, et al. Journal article, Original article Synthesis of the novel MOF hcp UiO-66 employing ionic liquids as a linker precursor (2018) Ermer M, Mehler J, Kriesten M, Avadhut Y, Schulz P, Hartmann M Journal article Zwitterionic Hydrobromic Acid Carriers for the Synthesis of 2-Bromopropionic Acid from Lactide (2018) Kehrer M, Mehler J, Taccardi N, Nagengast J, Kadar J, Collias D, Dziezok P, et al. Journal article, Online publication One-step synthesizable Lindqvist-isopolyoxometalates as promising new catalysts for selective conversion of glucose as a model substrate for lignocellulosic biomass to formic acid (2016) Albert J, Streb C, Mehler J, Tucher J, Kastner K Journal article