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Deep learning for automatic head and neck lymph node level delineation provides expert-level accuracy (2023) Weissmann T, Huang Y, Fischer S, Roesch J, Mansoorian S, Gaona HA, Gostian AO, et al. Journal article, Original article A comparison between p16-positive head and neck cancer of unknown primary (HPV-HNCUP) and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (HPV-OPSCC): are they the same disease? (2023) Balk M, Rupp R, Sievert M, Mantsopoulos K, Allner M, Grundtner P, Müller-Hübner S, et al. Journal article Low-dose radiotherapy of osteoarthritis: from biological findings to clinical effects-challenges for future studies (2023) Weissmann T, Rückert M, Putz F, Donaubauer AJ, Hecht M, Schnellhardt S, Schubert P, et al. Journal article, Review article Detailed in vitro analyses of the impact of multimodal cancer therapy with hyperthermia and radiotherapy on the immune phenotype of human glioblastoma cells (2022) Stoll E, Hader M, Rückert M, Weissmann T, Lettmaier S, Putz F, Hecht M, et al. Journal article Updated analysis of the phase II CheckRad-CD8 trial: First-line treatment of locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma with induction chemoimmunotherapy followed by radioimmunotherapy (2022) Hecht M, Eckstein M, Kallies A, Von Der Grun J, Illmer T, Klautke G, Laban S, et al. Conference contribution Kinase Inhibitors of DNA-PK, ATM and ATR in Combination with Ionizing Radiation Can Increase Tumor Cell Death in HNSCC Cells While Sparing Normal Tissue Cells (2022) Jost T, Faulhaber EM, Symank JA, Scheper J, Bürkel F, Fietkau R, Hecht M, Distel L Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Relevance of the time interval between surgery and adjuvant radio (chemo) therapy in HPV-negative and advanced head and neck carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) (2022) Balk M, Rupp R, Mantsopoulos K, Allner M, Grundtner P, Mueller SK, Traxdorf M, et al. Conference contribution Case report: Patient specific combination of surgery and immunotherapy in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck – a case series and review of literature (2022) Olmos M, Lutz R, Büntemeyer TO, Glajzer J, Nobis CP, Ries J, Möst T, et al. Journal article Tumor-specific radiosensitizing effect of the ATM inhibitor AZD0156 in melanoma cells with low toxicity to healthy fibroblasts (2022) Scheper J, Hildebrand L, Faulhaber EM, Deloch L, Gaipl U, Symank JA, Fietkau R, et al. Journal article Differences and Similarities in the Pattern of Early Metabolic and Morphologic Response after Induction Chemo-Immunotherapy versus Induction Chemotherapy Alone in Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer (2022) Beck M, Semrau S, Haderlein M, Gostian AO, Hartwich J, Mueller SK, Kallies A, et al. Journal article