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Tumor microenvironment-dependent epigenetic imprinting in the vasculature predicts colon cancer outcome (2023) Naschberger E, Fuchs M, Dickel N, Kunz M, Popp B, Anchang CG, Demmler R, et al. Journal article Prevalence of hereditary tubulointerstitial kidney diseases in the German Chronic Kidney Disease study (2022) Popp B, Ekici AB, Knaup K, Schneider K, Uebe S, Park J, Bafna V, et al. Journal article Detecting tandem repeat variants in coding regions using code-adVNTR (2022) Park J, Bakhtiari M, Popp B, Wiesener M, Bafna V Journal article Common RUNX3 missense variant contributes to psoriatic arthritis by modifying differentiation of CD8(+) T-cells (2022) Kerker I, Löhr S, Uebe S, Popp B, Vasileiou G, Bowes J, Kirchner P, et al. Conference contribution De novo missense variants in FBXO11 alter its protein expression and subcellular localization (2022) Gregor A, Meerbrei T, Gerstner T, Toutain A, Lynch SA, Stals K, Maxton C, et al. Journal article, Original article Diverse molecular causes of unsolved autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney diseases (2022) Wopperer F, Knaup K, Stanzick KJ, Schneider K, Jobst-Schwan T, Ekici AB, Uebe S, et al. Journal article Discovering a new part of the phenotypic spectrum of Coffin-Siris syndrome in a fetal cohort (2022) van der Sluijs PJ, Joosten M, Alby C, Attié-Bitach T, Gilmore K, Dubourg C, Fradin M, et al. Journal article ZMYND11 variants are a novel cause of centrotemporal and generalised epilepsies with neurodevelopmental disorder (2021) Oates S, Absoud M, Goyal S, Bayley S, Baulcomb J, Sims A, Riddett A, et al. Journal article DLG4-related synaptopathy: a new rare brain disorder (2021) Rodriguez-Palmero A, Boerrigter MM, Gomez-Andres D, Aldinger KA, Marcos-Alcalde I, Popp B, Everman DB, et al. Journal article Expanding the clinical and molecular spectrum of the novel CYFIP2-related neurodevelopmental disorder and functional proof of aberrant WRC-mediated actin dynamics (2020) Begemann A, Sticht H, Mcwalter K, Vitobello A, Faivre L, Alhaddad B, Banka S, et al. Conference contribution
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