Jonas Schlund

Picture of Jonas Schlund

Jonas Schlund is a PhD student and research assistant in the Smart Energy research group at the Lab for Computer Networks and Communication Systems at FAU in Erlangen and a Fellow of the Centre.Digitization.Bavaria (ZD.B). He analyses the charging flexibility of fleets of electric vehicles and develops strategies and algorithms to use that flexibility to stabilize the power grid. His focus is on modelling, simulation and optimization of the flexibility of the charging processes as well as ancillary services for system stability and techno-economic analyses of case studies based on these. He is also the Chief Scientist for ChargingLedger in New York, where he applies such concepts in the field. Further research interests are virtual power plants of stationary PV-storages, energy communities and distributed ledger technology in the energy sector.

After graduating from high school in 2010, he first studied energy technology in Erlangen. He received the Brose Bachelor Prize for his bachelor thesis in 2014. His master's degree with honors was awarded in 2016 in the field of "electrical energy technology". During his studies, he worked at the Lab for Applied Mathematics 3 in Erlangen, at the Centro Técnico de Seat in Martorell, Spain, and at Siemens in Erlangen and Nuremberg. Since 2012, he has been a member of the association Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. and has already implemented four projects in technical development cooperation in Africa and Asia. He was the head of the regional group Erlangen for four years. Since 2019 he is a board member and is responsible for the project coordination of the whole association.