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Corrosion behaviour of electropolished magnesium materials (2024) Kloiber J, Schultheiß U, Sotelo L, Sarau G, Christiansen S, Gavras S, Hort N, Hornberger H Journal article Advanced Polycrystalline γ′-Strengthened CoNiCr-Based Superalloys (2024) Neumeier S, Freund L, Bezold A, Köbrich M, Vollhüter J, Hausmann D, Solis C, et al. Journal article Interdiffusion Coefficients and Strengthening Effects of Nb, Ta, and Zr in the α2-Ti3Al Phase (2024) Haußmann L, Bresler J, Neumeier S, Pyczak F, Göken M Journal article MiniMelt: An instrument for real-time tracking of electron beam additive manufacturing using synchrotron x-ray techniques (2023) König HH, Semjatov N, Spartacus G, Bidola P, Ioannidou C, Ye J, Renner J, et al. Journal article Characterization of Vapor Capillary Geometry in Laser Beam Welding of Copper with 515 nm and 1030 nm Laser Beam Sources by Means of In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Imaging (2023) Kaufmann F, Forster C, Hummel M, Olowinsky A, Beckmann F, Moosmann J, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Towards an Understanding of the Challenges in Laser Beam Welding of Copper – Observation of the Laser-Matter Interaction Zone in Laser Beam Welding of Copper and Steel Using in Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging (2023) Kaufmann F, Schrauder J, Hummel M, Spurk C, Olowinsky A, Beckmann F, Moosmann J, et al. Journal article Investigation of the Hot Deformation Behavior in VDM® Alloy 780 by In Situ High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction (2023) Fritton M, Kümmel F, Kirchmayer A, Stark A, Hafez Haghighat M, Gehrmann B, Neumeier S, Gilles R Journal article A high-speed X-ray Radiography Setup for in-situ Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion at PETRA III (2023) Bidola PM, Abreu-Faria G, Klingenberg J, Brehling J, Burmester H, Tietze U, Krywka C, et al. Conference contribution CALPHAD informed design of multicomponent CoNiCr-based superalloys exhibiting large lattice misfit and high yield stress (2022) Liang Z, Neumeier S, Rao Z, Göken M, Pyczak F Journal article In-situ synchrotron X-ray analysis of metal Additive Manufacturing: Current state, opportunities and challenges (2022) Ioannidou C, König HH, Semjatov N, Ackelid U, Staron P, Körner C, Hedström P, Lindwall G Journal article