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Domain wall memory: Physics, materials, and devices (2022) Kumar D, Jin T, Sbiaa R, Klaui M, Bedanta S, Fukami S, Ravelosona D, et al. Journal article, Review article Roadmap of Spin-Orbit Torques (2021) Shao Q, Li P, Liu L, Yang H, Fukami S, Razavi A, Wu H, et al. Journal article Hashing-Based Atlas Ranking and Selection for Multiple-Atlas Segmentation (2018) Dehghan E, Wang H, Conjeti S, Tang H, Dehghan E, Karargyris A, Pillai A, et al. Conference contribution Relaynet: Retinal layer and fluid segmentation of macular optical coherence tomography using fully convolutional networks (2017) Roy AG, Conjeti S, Karri SPK, Sheet D, Katouzian A, Wachinger C, Navab N Journal article Coupled Manifold Learning for Retrieval Across Modalities (2017) Kazi A, Conjeti S, Katouzian A, Navab N Conference contribution Domain Adapted Model for In Vivo Intravascular Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (2017) Conjeti S, Roy AG, Sheet D, Carlier S, Syeda-Mahmood T, Navab N, Katouzian A Authored book Hashing with residual networks for image retrieval (2017) Conjeti S, Roy AG, Katouzian A, Navab N Conference contribution Error corrective boosting for learning fully convolutional networks with limited data (2017) Roy AG, Conjeti S, Sheet D, Katouzian A, Navab N, Wachinger C Conference contribution Deep multiple instance hashing for scalable medical image retrieval (2017) Conjeti S, Paschali M, Katouzian A, Navab N Conference contribution Metric hashing forests (2016) Conjeti S, Katouzian A, Kazi A, Mesbah S, Beymer D, Syeda-Mahmood TF, Navab N Journal article
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