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Location: Lanzhou, China (CN) CN

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Feasibility study on radioisotope-powered thermophotovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid power generation system used in deep-sea: From design to experiment (2024) Qi J, Wang X, Yang D, Li G Journal article, Original article Linking leaf elemental traits to biomass across forest biomes in the Himalayas (2024) Dyola N, Liang E, Peñuelas J, Camarero JJ, Sigdel SR, Aryal S, Lin W, et al. Journal article Covalent organic frameworks (2023) Tan KT, Ghosh S, Wang Z, Wen F, Rodriguez-San-Miguel D, Feng J, Huang N, et al. Journal article Unusual recent prolonged low flow in the Moqu River, northeastern Tibetan Plateau, inferred from tree-ring width variations (2023) Li J, Bräuning A, Zheng Z, Jin L, Sun S, Wu X, Yang K Journal article Stochastic dynamics of substrate non-uniform stiffness affecting molecular adhesion in cell-substrate interface subjected to tensile loading (2023) Qi C, Zhang J, Smith AS, Li L Journal article The good and the bad of preprint servers in plant physiology (2022) Kronzucker HJ, Qiu QS, Sonnewald U Journal article Tuning cellular uptake of nanoparticles via ligand density: Contribution of configurational entropy (2021) Zhang Y, Li L, Wang J Journal article Polyvinyl Alcohol and Nano-Clay Based Solution Processed Packaging Coatings (2021) Chandio AD, Channa IA, Rizwan M, Akram S, Javed MS, Siyal SH, Saleem M, et al. Journal article Long-term decrease in Asian monsoon rainfall and abrupt climate change events over the past 6,700 years (2021) Yang B, Qin C, Bräuning A, Osborn TJ, Trouet V, Ljungqvist FC, Esper J, et al. Journal article Commensurability between Element Symmetry and the Number of Skyrmions Governing Skyrmion Diffusion in Confined Geometries (2021) Song C, Kerber N, Rothoerl J, Ge Y, Raab K, Seng B, Brems MA, et al. Journal article