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TCCIA: a comprehensive resource for exploring CircRNA in cancer immunotherapy (2024) Wang S, Xiong Y, Zhang Y, Wang H, Chen M, Li J, Luo P, et al. Journal article Positive response to trastuzumab deruxtecan in a patient with HER2-mutant NSCLC after multiple lines therapy, including T-DM1: a case report. (2024) Xu J, He B, Wang Y, Wu M, Lu Y, Su Z, Liu S, et al. Journal article Identification and characterization of circular RNAs as novel putative biomarkers to predict anti-PD-1 monotherapy response in metastatic melanoma patients – Knowledge from two independent international studies (2023) Zhou JG, Liang R, Wang HT, Jin SH, Hu W, Frey B, Fietkau R, et al. Journal article Organ-specific metastatic landscape dissects PD-(L)1 blockade efficacy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: applicability from clinical trials to real-world practice (2022) Ma SC, Bai X, Guo XJ, Liu L, Xiao LS, Lin Y, Tan JL, et al. Journal article IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CIRCULAR RNAS AS NOVEL PUTATIVE BIOMARKERS TO PREDICT THE SURVIVAL BENEFIT AMONG METASTATIC MELANOMA PATIENTS TREATED WITH ANTI-PD-1 MONOTHERAPY (2022) Zhou JG, Gaipl U, Ma H, Wang H Conference contribution Definition of a new blood cell count score for early survival prediction for non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with atezolizumab: Integrated analysis of four multicenter clinical trials (2022) Zhou JG, Wong AHH, Wang H, Jin SH, Tan F, Chen YZ, He SS, et al. Journal article Identification of an endogenous retroviral signature to predict anti-PD1 response in advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma: an integrated analysis of three clinical trials (2022) Zhou J, Zeng Y, Wang H, Jin SH, Wang YJ, He S, Frey B, et al. Journal article Elucidation of the Application of Blood Test Biomarkers to Predict Immune-Related Adverse Events in Atezolizumab-Treated NSCLC Patients Using Machine Learning Methods (2022) Zhou JG, Wong AHH, Wang H, Tan F, Chen X, Jin SH, He SS, et al. Journal article Machine learning based on blood biomarkers predicts fast progression in advanced NSCLC patients treated with immunotherapy (2022) Zhou JG, Yang J, Wang H, Wong AHH, Tan F, Chen X, He S, et al. Conference contribution Editorial: The Clinical Application of Neoantigens (2022) Zhou JG, Ding Z, Shi H, Cheng M Journal article, Editorial
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