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An Artificial SEI Layer Based on an Inorganic Coordination Polymer with Self-Healing Ability for Long-Lived Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries (2021) Beichel W, Skrotzki J, Klose P, Njel C, Butschke B, Burger S, Liu L, et al. Journal article Ambient-Stable Two-Dimensional Titanium Carbide (MXene) Enabled by Iodine Etching (2021) Shi H, Zhang P, Liu Z, Park S, Lohe MR, Wu Y, Shaygan Nia A, et al. Journal article Dinitrogen complexation and reduction at low-valent calcium (2021) Rösch B, Gentner T, Langer J, Färber C, Eyselein J, Zhao L, Ding C, et al. Journal article Critical Advances in Ambient Air Operation of Nonaqueous Rechargeable Li–Air Batteries (2021) Liu L, Guo H, Fu L, Chou S, Thiele S, Wu Y, Wang J Journal article, Review article CFD simulation of dynamic heat transfer behaviors in super-long thermosyphons for shallow geothermal application (2020) Wang X, Liu H, Wang Y, Zhu Y Journal article Experimental investigations on start-up and thermal performance of sodium heat pipe under swing conditions (2020) Teng W, Wang X, Zhu Y Journal article A Stimulus-Responsive Zinc–Iodine Battery with Smart Overcharge Self-Protection Function (2020) Wang Faxing , Tseng Jochi , Liu Zaichun , Zhang Panpan , Wang Gang , Chen Guangbo , Wu Weixing , et al. Journal article Fully Conjugated Phthalocyanine Copper Metal–Organic Frameworks for Sodium–Iodine Batteries with Long-Time-Cycling Durability (2020) Wang F, Liu Z, Yang C, Zhong H, Nam G, Zhang P, Dong R, et al. Journal article Co-pyrolysis of petrochemical sludge and sawdust for syngas production by TG-MS and fixed bed reactor (2020) Zhu J, Zhu L, Guo D, Chen Y, Wang X, Zhu Y Journal article High-Precision Size Recognition and Separation in Synthetic 1D Nanochannels (2019) Wang P, Chen X, Jiang Q, Addicoat M, Huang N, Dalapati S, Heine T, et al. Journal article