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Hollow Spherical Covalent Organic Frameworks from Nonplanar or Planar Monomers for the Fluorescence Detection of Telomere DNA: Role of the 2-(2-Azidoethoxy)ethoxy Group (2022) Ahmed LR, Gilmanova L, Pan CT, Kaskel S, El-Mahdy AFM Journal article Observation of a linked-loop quantum state in a topological magnet (2022) Belopolski I, Chang G, Cochran TA, Cheng ZJ, Yang XP, Hugelmeyer C, Manna K, et al. Journal article Unique multiferroics with tunable ferroelastic transition in antiferromagnet Mn2V2O7 (2022) Chen HJ, Yeh CH, Kuo TW, Kakarla DC, Wu HC, Yen TW, Huang SM, et al. Journal article Pressure and magnetic field effects on ferroelastic and antiferromagnetic orderings in honeycomb-lattice Mn2V2O7 (2020) Wu HC, Hsieh DJ, Yen TW, Sun PJ, Kakarla DC, Her JL, Matsuda YH, et al. Journal article Increasing skyrmion stability in Cu2 OSeO3 by chemical substitution (2019) Sukhanov AS, Vir P, Cameron AS, Wu HC, Martin N, Muehlbauer S, Heinemann A, et al. Journal article Discovery of topological Weyl fermion lines and drumhead surface states in a room temperature magnet (2019) Belopolski I, Manna K, Sanchez DS, Chang G, Ernst B, Yin J, Zhang SS, et al. Journal article Accretion disk versus jet orientation in H2O megamaser galaxies (2019) Kamali F, Henkel C, Koyama S, Kuo CY, Condon JJ, Brunthaler A, Reid MJ, et al. Journal article Data-Aided Secure Massive MIMO Transmission Under the Pilot Contamination Attack (2019) Wu Y, Wen CK, Chen W, Jin S, Schober R, Caire G Journal article Data-Aided Secure Massive MIMO Transmission with Active Eavesdropping (2018) Wu Y, Wen CK, Chen W, Jin S, Schober R, Caire G Conference contribution Low-Complexity MIMO Precoding for Finite-Alphabet Signals (2017) Wu Y, Wing Kwan Ng D, Wen CK, Schober R, Lozano A Journal article