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A Comparative Study of Chemical Profiling and Bioactivities between Thai and Foreign Hemp Seed Species (Cannabis sativa L.) Plus an In-Silico Investigation (2024) Sangkanu S, Pitakbut T, Phoopha S, Khanansuk J, Chandarajoti K, Dej-adisai S Journal article Chemical Constituents from Streblus taxoides Wood with Their Antibacterial and Antityrosinase Activities Plus in Silico Study (2023) Parndaeng K, Pitakbut T, Wattanapiromsakul C, Hwang JS, Udomuksorn W, Dej-Adisai S Journal article In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Analyses of Molecular Anti-Pigmentation Mechanisms of Selected Thai Rejuvenating Remedy and Bioactive Metabolites (2023) Dej-adisai S, Koyphokaisawan N, Wattanapiromsakul C, Nuankaew W, Kang TH, Pitakbut T Journal article Flavonoid Constituents and Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibition of Solanum stramonifolium Jacq. Inflorescence with In Vitro and In Silico Studies (2022) Dej-adisai S, Sakulkeo O, Wattanapiromsakul C, Pitakbut T Journal article Cephalopod palaeobiology: evolution and life history of the most intelligent invertebrates (2022) Klug C, Bonnaud-Ponticelli L, Nabhitabhata J, Fuchs D, de Baets K, Cheng J, Hoffmann R Journal article, Editorial Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibition and Molecular Docking of Isolated Compounds from Traditional Thai Medicinal Plant, Neuropeltis racemosa Wall. (2022) Pitakbut T, Wattanapiromsakul C, Dej-Adisai S, Sakulkeo O Journal article, Original article Alpha-glucosidase inhibitory assay-screened isolation and molecular docking model from bauhinia pulla active compounds (2021) Pitakbut T, Dej-Adisai S, Wattanapiromsakul C, Rais IR Journal article, Original article Chemical constituents of Litsea elliptica and their alpha-glucosidase inhibition with molecular docking (2020) Phoopha S, Wattanapiromsakul C, Pitakbut T, Dej-Adisai S Journal article A new stilbene derivative and isolated compounds from Bauhinia pottsii var. pottsii with their anti-alpha-glucosidase activity (2020) Phoopha S, Dej-Adisai S, Wattanapiromsakul C, Pitakbut T, Dej-adisai S Journal article Antidiabetic activity of selected indigenous Thai medicinal plants (2016) Brantner A, Alajlani M, Autz C, Benetik S, Plhak E, Prinz R, Pitakbut T, Dej-Adisai S Journal article