Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) / 北京理工大学

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Location: Beijing, China (CN) CN

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Enabling research through the scip optimization suite 8.0 (2023) Bestuzheva K, Besancon M, Chen WK, Chmiela A, Donkiewicz T, Van Doornmalen J, Eifler L, et al. Journal article Massive Access in Extra Large-Scale MIMO With Mixed-ADC Over Near-Field Channels (2023) Mei Y, Gao Z, Mi D, Zhou M, Zheng D, Matthaiou M, Xiao P, Schober R Journal article Axial-Bonding-Driven Dimensionality Effect on the Charge-Density Wave in NbSe2 (2022) Lin D, Ranjbar A, Li X, Huang X, Huang Y, Berger H, Forro L, et al. Journal article Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Current Achievements and Further Development (2022) Kaskel S, Huang JQ, Sakaebe H Journal article Editorial: Future directions in novel laser source development: Dynamical properties, and beam manipulation (2022) Fu X, Euser T, Huang SW, Joly N, Xie S Journal article Pressure-induced superconductivity extending across the topological phase transition in thallium-based topological materials (2022) Pei C, Huang P, Zhu P, Liu L, Wang Q, Zhao Y, Gao L, et al. Journal article Highly conducting single-molecule topological insulators based on mono- and di-radical cations (2022) Li L, Low JZ, Wilhelm J, Liao G, Gunasekaran S, Prindle CR, Starr RL, et al. Journal article Disorder- and Topology-Enhanced Fully Spin-Polarized Currents in Nodal Chain Spin-Gapless Semimetals (2022) Zhou X, Zhang RW, Yang X, Li XP, Feng W, Mokrousov Y, Yao Y Journal article Catalogue of flat-band stoichiometric materials (2022) Regnault N, Xu Y, Li MR, Ma DS, Jovanovic M, Yazdani A, Parkin SSP, et al. Journal article Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance (2022) Yang C, Atwater HA, Baldo MA, Baran D, Barile CJ, Barr MC, Bates M, et al. Journal article, Editorial
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