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Missense variants in ANO4 cause sporadic encephalopathic or familial epilepsy with evidence for a dominant-negative effect (2024) Yang F, Begemann A, Reichhart N, Haeckel A, Steindl K, Schellenberger E, Sturm RF, et al. Journal article Human organotypic brain slice cultures: a detailed and improved protocol for preparation and long-term maintenance (2024) Bak A, Koch H, van Loo KM, Schmied K, Gittel B, Weber Y, Ort J, et al. Journal article Clinical, Imaging, Genetic, and Disease Course Characteristics in Patients with GM2 Gangliosidosis: Beyond Age of Onset (2024) Kern J, Böhringer J, Timmann D, Trollmann R, Stendel C, Kamm C, Röbl M, et al. Journal article Defining benchmark outcomes for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy surgery: A global multicenter analysis of 1119 cases (2024) Drexler R, Ricklefs FL, Ben-Haim S, Rada A, Wörmann F, Cloppenborg T, Bien CG, et al. Journal article Detecting Misfolded α-Synuclein in Blood Years before the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease (2024) Kluge A, Schaeffer E, Bunk J, Sommerauer M, Röttgen S, Schulte C, Roeben B, et al. Journal article Microglial expression of CD83 governs cellular activation and restrains neuroinflammation in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (2023) Sinner P, Peckert-Maier K, Mohammadian H, Kuhnt C, Draßner C, Panagiotakopoulou V, Rauber S, et al. Journal article A Commentary on Towards autonomous artificial agents with an active self: Modeling sense of control in situated action (2023) Hao C, Russwinkel N, Haeufle DF, Beckerle P Journal article Patterns, predictors and prognostic relevance of high-grade hematotoxicity after temozolomide or temozolomide-lomustine in the CeTeG/NOA-09 trial (2023) Weller J, Schäfer N, Schaub C, Tzaridis T, Zeyen T, Schneider M, Potthoff AL, et al. Journal article Early versus Later Anticoagulation for Stroke with Atrial Fibrillation. (2023) Fischer U, Koga M, Strbian D, Branca M, Abend S, Trelle S, Paciaroni M, et al. Journal article Multiclass prediction of different dementia syndromes based on multi-centric volumetric MRI imaging (2023) Lampe L, Huppertz HJ, Anderl-Straub S, Albrecht F, Ballarini T, Bisenius S, Mueller K, et al. Journal article
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