Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (IBMT) / Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering

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Location: Sulzbach, Germany (DE) DE

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Rapid variability of Markarian 421 during extreme flaring as seen through the eyes of XMM-Newton (2024) Gokus A, Wilms J, Kadler M, Dorner D, Nowak MA, Kreikenbohm A, Leiter K, et al. Journal article TELAMON: Effelsberg monitoring of AGN jets with very-high-energy astroparticle emission: I. Program description and sample characterization (2024) Eppel F, Kadler M, Hea-Dörfer J, Benke P, Debbrecht L, Eich J, Gokus A, et al. Journal article Synthesis and ecotoxicity screening of reusable, magnetically harvestable metal oxide/hydroxide nanocomposites for safe and sustainable removal and recovery of phosphorus from wastewater (2024) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Sihtmäe M, Uke K, Vija H, Oppmann M, Prieschl J, Mandel K, Kahru A Journal article Erste gemeinsame Doktorandentagung Klinische Pharmazie (2024) Wien K, Harjans A, Richter G, Berger V, Herrmann S, Schüling A, Michiel S, et al. Journal article Establishing and testing a robot-based platform to enable the automated production of nanoparticles in a flexible and modular way (2023) Dembski S, Schwarz T, Oppmann M, Bandesha ST, Schmid J, Wenderoth S, Mandel K, Hansmann J Journal article Thermal interdiffusion, microstructure and contact resistivity of NiOx/Ni/p+ poly-Si layer systems for perovskite/TOPCon tandem solar cells during annealing processes (2023) Lange S, Fett B, Kabakli ÖS, Hähnel A, Adner D, Kroyer T, Bogati S, et al. Journal article Ultrathin parasitic SiOzlayer formation at annealed wet-chemical NiOx/Si interfaces in Perovskite/Si tandem solar cells (2023) Lange S, Fett B, Hähnel A, Müller A, Kabakli ÖS, Newcomb-Hall Z, Herbig B, et al. Conference contribution Enhancement of NiOx/Poly-Si Contact Performance by Insertion of an Ultrathin Metallic Ni Interlayer (2023) Lange S, Fett B, Kabakli ÖS, Adner D, Kroyer T, Bogati S, Schulze PS, et al. Journal article In Situ Crystallization of the Inorganic Lead-Free Halide Double Perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 via Spray-Drying (2023) Fett B, Kabaklı ÖŞ, Sierra CA, Schulze PS, Yoon S, Herbig B, Glunz SW, et al. Journal article MM-183 CARTITUDE-2 Cohort A: Updated Clinical Data and Biological Correlative Analyses of Ciltacabtagene Autoleucel (cilta-cel) in Lenalidomide-Refractory Patients With Progressive Multiple Myeloma (MM) After 1–3 Prior Lines of Therapy (LOT) (2022) Hillengass J, Cohen AD, Delforge M, Einsele H, Goldschmidt H, Weisel K, Raab MS, et al. Journal article
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