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Location: Uberlândia, Brazil (BR) BR

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Early Cretaceous bivalves of the Romualdo Formation, Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil (2024) Guerrini VB, Matos SA, Fürsich F, Rodrigues MG, Varejão FG, Warren LV, Assine ML, Simões MG Journal article A new condensed freshwater-brackish water bivalve-dominated assemblage in the Aptian Crato Formation, Araripe Basin, NE Brazil and its paleoenvironmental significance (2024) da Silva VR, Varejão FG, Matos SA, Rodrigues MG, Warren LV, Assine ML, Fürsich F, Simões MG Journal article Not all shell beds are made equal: Recognizing singular event-concentrations in megalakes (2024) Rodrigues MG, Giovanini Varejão F, Fürsich F, Christofoletti B, Matos SA, Warren LV, Inglez L, et al. Journal article Numerical simulations of the flow and aerosol dispersion in a violent expiratory event: Outcomes of the "2022 International Computational Fluid Dynamics Challenge on violent expiratory events" (2023) Pallares J, Fabregat A, Lavrinenko A, Bin Norshamsudin HA, Janiga G, Fletcher DF, Inthavong K, et al. Journal article 5-HT3A serotonin receptor in the gastrointestinal tract: the link between immune system and enteric nervous system in the digestive form of Chagas disease (2019) De Oliveira JA, Freitas MAR, De Oliveira EC, Jabari S, Brehmer A, Morais Da Silveira AB Journal article Analysis of a Cretaceous (late Aptian) high-stress ecosystem: The Romualdo Formation of the Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil (2019) Fürsich F, Custodio MA, Matos SA, Hethke M, Quaglio F, Warren LV, Assine ML, Simoes MG Journal article The transgressive-regressive cycle of the Romualdo Formation (Araripe Basin): Sedimentary archive of the Early Cretaceous marine ingression in the interior of Northeast Brazil (2017) Custodio MA, Quaglio F, Warren LV, Simões MG, Fürsich F, Perinotto JAJ, Assine ML Journal article Epithelial cell types and their proposed roles in maintaining the mucosal barrier in human chagasic-megacolonic mucosa (2017) Koch C, Da Silveira ABM, De Oliveira EC, Quint K, Neuhuber W, Brehmer A, Jabari S Journal article