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Influence of phosphorous acid concentration on the self-lubricating properties of electroformed Ni-P-PTFE ternary composites (2024) Ma Z, Jiang B, Drummer D, Zhang L Journal article TCCIA: a comprehensive resource for exploring CircRNA in cancer immunotherapy (2024) Wang S, Xiong Y, Zhang Y, Wang H, Chen M, Li J, Luo P, et al. Journal article Mass transfer characteristics at cathode/electrolyte interface during electrodeposition of nickel microcolumns with various aspect ratios (2023) Dong Y, Jiang B, Drummer D, Zhang L Journal article No (Cambrian) explosion and no (Ordovician) event: A single long-term radiation in the early Palaeozoic (2023) Servais T, Cascales-Miñana B, Harper DA, Lefebvre B, Munnecke A, Wang W, Zhang Y Journal article Electrophoretic deposition of coatings for local delivery of therapeutic agents (2023) Cheng X, Liu Y, Liu O, Lu Y, Liao Z, Hadzhieva Z, Chen L, et al. Journal article, Review article CERT1 mutations perturb human development by disrupting sphingolipid homeostasis (2023) Gehin C, Lone MA, Lee W, Capolupo L, Ho S, Adeyemi AM, Gerkes EH, et al. Journal article Efficient Semitransparent Organic Solar Cells with CRI over 90% Enabled by an Ultralow-Bandgap A-DA'D-A Small Molecule Acceptor (2023) Xu X, Wei Q, Zhou Z, He H, Tian J, Yip HL, Fu Y, et al. Journal article Effect of ion mass transfer and electric field distribution on the formation of void defect in electroformed nickel microcolumns (2023) Jiang B, Dong Y, Qiang J, Drummer D, ZHANGa L Journal article Electrodeposition model with dynamic ion diffusion coefficients for predicting void defects in electroformed microcolumn arrays (2023) Ma Z, Jiang B, Dong Y, Qiang J, Drummer D, Zhang L Journal article Investigation of parameters and porous plug enhanced enrichment with field-amplified sample stacking in microchip (2023) Yuan S, Zhou M, Liu X, Li Q, Drummer D, Jiang B Journal article