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Patient preferences in genetic newborn screening for rare diseases: study protocol (2024) Martin S, Angolini E, Audi J, Bertini E, Bruno LP, Coulter J, Ferlini A, et al. Journal article Discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations on complex domains using masked block-structured grids (2023) Faghih-Naini S, Kuckuk S, Zint D, Kemmler S, Köstler H, Aizinger V Journal article Efficient spline design via feature-mapping for continuous fiber-reinforced structures (2023) Greifenstein J, Letournel E, Stingl M, Wein F Journal article Synchronization in STDP-driven memristive neural networks with time-varying topology (2023) Yamakou M, Desroches M, Rodrigues S Journal article Sharp algebraic and total a posteriori error bounds for h and p finite elements via a multilevel approach: Recovering mass balance in any situation (2020) Papež J, Rüde U, Vohralík M, Wohlmuth B Journal article Sparse Reconstruction Challenge for diffusion MRI: Validation on a physical phantom to determine which acquisition scheme and analysis method to use? (2015) Ning L, Laun FB, Gur Y, Dibella EVR, Deslauriers-Gauthier S, Megherbi T, Ghosh A, et al. Journal article Multi-atlas spectral PatchMatch: Application to cardiac image segmentation (2014) Shi W, Lombaert H, Bai W, Ledig C, Zhuang X, Marvao A, Dawes T, et al. Conference contribution Comparison of boundary element and finite element approaches to the EEG forward problem. (2012) Vorwerk J, Clerc M, Burger M, Wolters CH Journal article