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Location: Martigny, Switzerland (CH) CH

ISNI: 0000000404503932


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On Modeling Glottal Source Information for Phonation Assessment in Parkinson's Disease (2021) Vasquez Correa J, Fritsch J, Orozco Arroyave JR, Nöth E, Magimai-Doss M Conference contribution Automatic Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Using Neural Network Language Models (2019) Fritsch J, Wankerl S, Nöth E Conference contribution Phonological posteriors and GRU recurrent units to assess speech impairments of patients with Parkinson’s disease (2018) Vasquez Correa J, Garcia N, Orozco-Arroyave JR, Cernak M, Nöth E Book chapter / Article in edited volumes NeuroSpeech: An open-source software for Parkinson's speech analysis (2018) Rafael Orozco-Arroyave J, Vasquez Correa J, Francisco Vargas-Bonilla J, Arora R, Dehak N, Nidadavolu PS, Christensen H, et al. Journal article, Original article Characterization of voice quality of Parkinson's disease using differential phonological posterior features (2017) Cernak M, Rafael Orozco-Arroyave J, Rudzicz F, Christensen H, Vasquez Correa J, Nöth E Journal article, Original article Characterization of a benchmark database for myoelectric movement classification (2015) Atzori M, Gijsberts A, Kuzborskij I, Elsig S, Hager AGM, Deriaz O, Mueller H, et al. Journal article Electromyography data for non-invasive naturally-controlled robotic hand prostheses (2014) Atzori M, Gijsberts A, Caputo B, Hager AGM, Elsig S, Giatsidis G, Bassetto F, et al. Journal article Movement error rate for evaluation of machine learning methods for sEMG-based hand movement classification (2014) Gijsberts A, Atzori M, Mueller H, Caputo B, Castellini C Journal article Stable myoelectric control of a hand prosthesis using non-linear incremental learning (2014) Gijsberts A, Bohra R, Gonzalez DS, Werner A, Nowak M, Caputo B, Roa MA, Castellini C Journal article Improving control of dexterous hand prostheses using adaptive learning (2013) Tommasi T, Orabona F, Caputo B, Castellini C Journal article