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Fifth-order nonlinear optical response of Alq3 thin films (2022) Saleh A, Li W, Alqahtani H, Neuhaus M, Alshehri A, Bergues B, Alharbi M, et al. Journal article Increasing the Stability of LiMn2O4 Against Harsh Conditions During Lithium Recovery from Real Brine Solutions (2021) Hippauf F, Abendroth T, Neidhardt J, Althues H, Aljlil SA, Alrasheed RA, Alyousef YM, Kaskel S Journal article Simple and rapid peptide nanoprobe biosensor for the detection of: Legionellaceae (2021) Alhogail S, Chinnappan R, Alrifai M, Suaifan GARY, Bikker FJ, Kaman WE, Weber K, et al. Journal article A cell-based drug delivery platform for treating central nervous system inflammation. (2021) Levy O, Rothhammer V, Mascanfroni I, Tong Z, Kuai R, De Biasio M, Wang Q, et al. Journal article Mapping the binding region of aptamer targeting small molecule: Dabigatran etexilate, an anti-coagulant (2020) Aljohani MM, Chinnappan R, Alsager OA, Alzabn R, Alhoshani A, Weber K, Cialla-May D, et al. Journal article Probing molecular environment through photoemission delays (2020) Biswas S, Foerg B, Ortmann L, Schoetz J, Schweinberger W, Zimmermann T, Pi L, et al. Journal article Probing molecular influence on photoemission delays (2019) Biswas S, Förg B, Schötz J, Schweinberger W, Ortmann L, Zimmermann T, Pi LW, et al. Conference contribution In Vitro Selection of Specific DNA Aptamers Against the Anti-Coagulant Dabigatran Etexilate (2018) Aljohani MM, Chinnappan R, Eissa S, Alsager OA, Weber K, Cialla-May D, Popp J, Zourob M Journal article Combination of zinc oxide and antimony doped tin oxide nanocoatings for glazing application (2018) Schumm B, Abendroth T, Alajlan SA, Almogbel AM, Althues H, Haertel P, Maeder G, Kaskel S Journal article Optical and thermal properties of transparent infrared blocking antimony doped tin oxide thin films (2017) Abendroth T, Schumm B, Alajlan SA, Almogbel AM, Maeder G, Haertel P, Althues H, Kaskel S Journal article