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Hydrothermal silicification and hypogene dissolution of an exhumed Neoproterozoic carbonate sequence in Brazil: Insights from fluid inclusion microthermometry and silicon-oxygen isotopes (2023) Pisani L, Koltai G, Dublyansky Y, Kleine BI, Whitehouse MJ, Skrzypek E, Carbone C, et al. Journal article Disruption of a high-pressure unit during exhumation: Example of the Cycladic Blueschist unit (Thera, Ios and Naxos islands, Greece) (2023) Peillod A, Patten CG, Drüppel K, Beranoaguirre A, Zeh A, Gudelius D, Hector S, et al. Journal article Rapid shifting of a deep magmatic source at Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland (2022) Halldórsson SA, Marshall EW, Caracciolo A, Matthews S, Bali E, Rasmussen MB, Ranta E, et al. Journal article Sulfate (re-)cycling in the oceanic crust: Effects of seawater-rock interaction, sulfur reduction and temperature on the abundance and isotope composition of anhydrite (2022) Kleine BI, Stefánsson A, Zierenberg RA, Jeon H, Whitehouse MJ, Jónasson K, Fridleifsson G, Weisenberger TB Journal article Tracing the Sveconorwegian orogen into the Caledonides of West Norway: Geochronological and isotopic studies on magmatism and migmatization (2021) Wang CC, Wiest J, Jacobs J, Bingen B, Whitehouse MJ, Elburg MA, Sørstrand TS, et al. Journal article Revision of thelodonts, acanthodians, conodonts, and the depositional environments in the Burgen outlier (Ludlow, Silurian) of Gotland, Sweden (2021) Jarochowska E, Bremer O, Yiu A, Märss T, Blom H, Mörs T, Vajda V Journal article, Original article Uncovering and quantifying the subduction zone sulfur cycle from the slab perspective (2020) Li JL, Schwarzenbach EM, John T, Ague JJ, Huang F, Gao J, Klemd R, et al. Journal article Impact of climatic extremes on Alpine ecosystems during MIS 3 (2020) Stojakowits P, Mayr C, Lücke A, Wissel H, Hedenäs L, Lempe B, Friedmann A, Diersche V Journal article Silicon and oxygen isotopes unravel quartz formation processes in the Icelandic crust (2018) Kleine BI, Stefánsson A, Halldórsson SA, Whitehouse MJ, Jónasson K Journal article Large colonial organisms with coordinated growth in oxygenated environments 2.1 Gyr ago (2010) El Albani A, Bengtson S, Canfield DE, Bekker A, Macchiarelli R, Mazurier A, Hammarlund EU, et al. Journal article