Helmholtz-Institut Erlangen-Nürnberg für Erneuerbare Energien (HI-ERN)

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Location: Erlangen, Germany (DE) DE


ROR: https://ror.org/01vs6se76

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The Voltage-Ear – An Anomaly in photovoltaic systems with undersized inverters (2024) Wittmann E, Buerhop-Lutz C, Christlein V, Hauch J, Brabec C, Peters IM Journal article Boosting power density of hydrogen release from LOHC systems by an inverted fixed-bed reactor design (2024) Kadar J, Gackstatter F, Ortner F, Wagner L, Willer M, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Geißelbrecht M Journal article Few-layer black phosphorus enables nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions (2024) Garnes-Portolés F, Lloret V, Vidal-Moya JA, Löffler M, Mayrhofer K, Cerón-Carrasco JP, Abellán G, Leyva-Pérez A Journal article A digital twin to overcome long-time challenges in photovoltaics (2024) Lüer L, Peters IM, Smith AS, Dorschky E, Eskofier B, Liers-Bergmann F, Franke J, et al. Journal article Automated Synthesis of 1-Tetradecylphosphonic Acid-Capped FAPbBr3 Nanocrystals for Light Conversion in Display Applications (2024) Hu H, Shi H, Zhang J, Hauch J, Osvet A, Brabec C Journal article Dynamics of backsheet-driven insulation issues (2023) Buerhop-Lutz C, Lüer L, Stroyuk O, Hauch J, Peters IM Journal article An insight into the temperature dependence of photoluminescence of a highly-emissive Cs-Ag(Na)Bi(In)Cl-6 perovskite (2023) Stroyuk O, Raievska O, Osvet A, Hauch J, Brabec C Journal article Synthesis of methanol by hydrogenolysis of biobased methyl formate using highly stable and active Cu-spinel catalysts in slurry and gas phase reactions (2023) Haagen V, Iser J, Schörner M, Weber D, Franken T, Wasserscheid P, Schühle P Journal article Practical limits of multijunction solar cells (2023) Peters IM, Rodríguez Gallegos CD, Lüer L, Hauch J, Brabec CJ Journal article Wasserstofflogistik: flüssige organische Wasserstoffträger: Die flüssige Pfandflasche für unsere Energie (2023) Geißelbrecht M, Auer F, Kiermaier S, Wasserscheid P Journal article