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Age-depth model for uppermost Ndutu Beds constrains Middle Stone Age technology and climate-induced paleoenvironmental changes at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) (2024) Smedley RK, Fenn K, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Njau JK, Schick K, Toth N Journal article Alkenones in Pleistocene Upper Bed I (1.803–1.900 Ma) sediments from Paleolake Olduvai, Tanzania (2022) Brassell SC, Colcord DE, Shilling AM, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Toth N, Schick KD, et al. Journal article, Original article New excavations in the MNK Skull site, and the last appearance of the Oldowan and Homo habilis at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2021) de la Torre I, Benito-Calvo A, Martín-Ramos C, McHenry LJ, Mora R, Njau JK, Pante MC, et al. Journal article Biased preservation of Pleistocene climate variability proxies at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2021) Ferland TM, Colcord DE, Shilling AM, Brassell SC, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Njau JK, et al. Journal article Olduvai's oldest Oldowan (2021) Stollhofen H, Stanistreet IG, Toth N, Schick KD, Rodriguez-Cintas A, Albert RM, Farrugia P, et al. Journal article, Original article The Olduvai Gorge Coring Project: Drilling high resolution palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental archives to constrain hominin evolution (2021) Njau JK, Toth N, Schick K, Stanistreet IG, McHenry LJ, Stollhofen H Journal article, Review article Changing depocentre environments of Palaeolake Olduvai and carbonates as marker horizons for hiatuses and lake-level extremes (2020) Stanistreet IG, Doyle C, Hughes T, Rushworth ED, Stollhofen H, Toth N, Schick K, Njau JK Journal article Palaeovegetation changes recorded in Palaeolake Olduvai OGCP Core 2A (2.09–2.12 Ma) Naibor Soit Formation Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2020) Rodríguez-Cintas A, Albert RM, Bamford MK, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Stone JR, Rivera-Rondón C, et al. Journal article, Original article Lake conditions and detrital sources of Paleolake Olduvai, Tanzania, reconstructed using X-ray Diffraction analysis of cores (2020) McHenry LJ, Kodikara GR, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Njau JK, Schick K, Toth N Journal article Biogeochemical evidence from OGCP Core 2A sediments for environmental changes preceding deposition of Tuff IB and climatic transitions in Upper Bed I of the Olduvai Basin (2020) Shilling AM, Colcord DE, Karty J, Hansen A, Freeman KH, Njau JK, Stanistreet IG, et al. Journal article