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Expectations of general practitioners on a practice based research network in Germany- a qualitative study within the Bavarian Research Practice Network (BayFoNet) (2024) Sanftenberg L, Stofella J, Mayr K, Nassehi A, Härdtlein A, Stark S, Kühlein T, et al. Journal article Synchronous force and Ca2+ measurements for repeated characterization of excitation-contraction coupling in human myocardium (2024) Sun Z, Lu K, Kamla C, Kameritsch P, Seidel T, Dendorfer A Journal article Prior flavivirus immunity skews the yellow fever vaccine response to cross-reactive antibodies with potential to enhance dengue virus infection (2024) Santos-Peral A, Luppa F, Goresch S, Nikolova E, Zaucha M, Lehmann L, Dahlstroem F, et al. Journal article Recommendations for the organization of the teleconsultation service in a telestroke network (2024) Wiestler H, Zickler P, Erdur H, Abu-Mugheisib M, Kallmünzer B, Klingner C, Müller-Barna P, et al. Journal article Extracorporeal Photopheresis as a Treatment Option for Immune-Related Adverse Events: Two Case Reports and a Prospective Study (2024) Ruf T, Rahimi F, Anz D, Tufman A, Salzer S, Zierold S, Tomsitz D, et al. Journal article Checkpoint inhibitor–induced lichen planus differs from spontaneous lichen planus on the clinical, histological, and gene expression level (2024) Meier-Schiesser B, Zecha C, Zierold S, Kolm I, Röckel M, Fröhlich W, Mittag N, et al. Journal article Decompressive craniectomy plus best medical treatment versus best medical treatment alone for spontaneous severe deep supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage: a randomised controlled clinical trial (2024) Beck J, Fung C, Strbian D, Bütikofer L, Z'Graggen WJ, Lang MF, Beyeler S, et al. Journal article The Association between the Body Mass Index, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and SUV of the Non-Tumorous Lung in the Pretreatment [18F]FDG-PET/CT of Patients with Lung Cancer (2024) Wehlte L, Walter J, Daisenberger L, Kuhnle F, Ingenerf M, Schmid-Tannwald C, Brendel M, et al. Journal article Hybrid immunity by two COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations and one breakthrough infection provides a robust and balanced cellular immune response as basic immunity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (2024) Almanzar G, Koosha K, Vogt T, Stein A, Ziegler L, Asam C, Weps M, et al. Journal article CCR3-dependent eosinophil recruitment is regulated by sialyltransferase ST3Gal-IV (2024) Immler R, Nussbaumer K, Doerner A, El Bounkari O, Huber S, Abisch J, Napoli M, et al. Journal article