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Perturbations in the carbon cycle during the carnian humid episode: Carbonate carbon isotope records from southwestern China and Northern Oman (2019) Sun Y, Richoz S, Krystyn L, Zhang ZT, Joachimski M Journal article, Original article Did climate changes trigger the Late Devonian Kellwasser Crisis? Evidence from a high-resolution conodont δ18OPO4 record from South China (2018) Huang C, Joachimski M, Gong Y Journal article, Original article Evolution and tectonic setting of the Malani – Nagarparkar Igneous Suite: A Neoproterozoic Silicic-dominated Large Igneous Province in NW India-SE Pakistan (2018) de Wall H, Pandit MK, Donhauser I, Schöbel S, Wang W, Sharma KK Journal article, Original article A major anomaly in the carbon cycle during the late Cisuralian (Permian): Timing, underlying triggers and implications (2018) Liu C, Du Y, Jarochowska E, Yan J, Munnecke A, Lu G Journal article, Original article Investigation of shallow geothermal potentials for different types of ground source heat pump systems (GSHP) of Wuhan city in China (2018) Luo J, Luo Z, Xie J, Xia D, Huang W, Shao H, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article New Permian-Triassic conodont data from Selong (Tibet) and the youngest occurrence of Vjalovognathus (2017) Wang L, Wignall PB, Sun Y, Yan C, Zhang Z, Lai X Journal article, Original article Deformation mechanism and dynamic response of Huangtupo landslides in Three Gorges Reservoir in case of frequent microseisms (2014) Jiang J, Pan J, Zhang W, Xiang W, Rohn J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution